Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 27: Photo of my city and what's great about it

A photo of my city...

Photo found here

For those of you that don't know, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Well... technically, in a small town just outside of S.L.C., but really, there's no need for technicalities at this point.  Ha.

This is a photo of the skyline of good ol' Salt Lake, with the beautiful scenery around it that I get to enjoy on a daily basis.  I will admit... I love, love, LOVE our mountains and our scenery here.  However... I hate, hate, HATE the snow.

Most people have heard that Salt Lake/Utah is known for the greatest snow on earth.  We are one of the biggest states for skiing.

We held the winter Olympics here in 2002, one of the craziest, yet exciting, winters we have had.

I believe this is one of the few states that you can be here a week and witness every season during your stay.  And that is no joke.

I love the summers here.  There is so much recreation and beauty to experience, that you may never truly get bored.

This is where I was born and raised.  I love it... most of the time.  Not a fan of the bitter winters, but for the most part, Salt Lake City is awesome.

Want to know more?!  Just ask.

What is one great thing about your city?

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!


  1. OoOoOo Ahhhh, that's a nice view! Hrm, we have so much here, Atlanta, Ga. A lot of different cultures and people. You can visit almost every country just by taking a drive down Buford Hwy. I guess that in itself makes it pretty cool. I enjoy the attractions and I live here!

  2. Very cool.
    You should check out the AMAZING comment I got on this post.

    What losers this world have.