Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 15: Death Row Meal

Day 15 Monkey Manics!  Today I am supposed to decide what it is that I would choose if I had to pick my "death row meal".  This is not an easy one for me.  I really like love food.  So, I have decided to make this a picture post.  I will post pictures of all my favorites and you guys can tell me which you think I should choose... if (god forbid) I ever had to make this decision.

Here we go...

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Yes, I could eat a whole meal of these... Try me!  Ha!

There it is... I suppose if I had to choose one last meal... it would be one of these.

Which one do you think I should pick?  What would your "death row meal" be?

Happy Friday Monkey Manics, have a safe and amazing weekend!


  1. Hey MM...happy to see you again, it's been a little while :)

    Seeing those pics of the various meals you've posted makes my mouth water...

    I reckon you should have a buffet with ALL of them!!! And then finnish off with a packet of M&M's for dessert :)