Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 19: What I Wish For At 11:11

So apparently (and I only found this out after a little research on the good ol' world wide web) you are supposed to make a wish at 11:11, and supposedly if you believe in it enough, it will come true.

Now, today's challenge is for me to tell you what I wish for at 11:11.  Obviously, from the statement above you can tell that I don't wish for anything knowing it is exactly that time.

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Let me explain a little more in depth.

I am very sure that I have made wishes at 11:11 before, just not in the sense of saying "hey, look at the time, let's make a wish".

It is more like the fact that at 11:11 pm, I am laying in bed (not knowing the time, but knowing for sure that it is late) and wishing for sleep.  Or for my mind to stop racing.  Or to be able to sleep in the next morning.  Or... well... you get the idea.

I can almost guarantee that I have also made wishes at 11:11 am too.  Once again, not aware of the time.  You know... wishes like... the work day to go quicker.  Or that lunch time would hurry up and get here.  Or for a nap.  Those kind of wishes.

So the question is... now that I know about this whole making a wish at 11:11 thing, am I going to start doing it regularly?!  The answer to this is super easy.  No more than I do now, and I will go one further and say that it will still probably be without even knowing the damn time.  I am so not a clock watcher and I refuse to become so just so that I can make a wish at the proper time.

For all of you that do... no offence.  I'm just saying.

Do you make wishes at 11:11?

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend Monkey Manics!


  1. I never knew we were supposed to wish for things at 11:11 either...
    I really do think it depends on the AM/PM thing.

  2. It's a saying I've said on occasion, but I stopped wishing a long long time ago. Have a fabulous weekend!