Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 12: Something I Don't Leave The House Without

Hello Monkey Manics.  We are back again.  There are some things going on with the monkeys lately that is making it very hard to post.  Rest assured, I am doing my best and hopefully all will be back to normal soon.

Today is day 12 of our challenge and I will be revealing to you the one thing I cannot leave the house without.  I think the first thing that popped into my mind was my purse, then my phone.  Then it dawned on me that I have left without both of those before, on purpose.  Not for long periods of time, mind you, but it has been done.  So I thought... is there really one thing I truly must have with me when I go?!  And then it came to me...

The one thing I cannot leave home without (well at least not without bitching about it the whole time if I do forget them) is.........

Yep, sunglasses.  My sunglasses.  They are my must have item at all times... even if I am not wearing them.  Am I weird for this?!  Probably, but I don't care.  I love them and will continue to always have at least one pair with me always.

Happy Tuesday Monkey Manics!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 11: A Quote I Love

It is Friday, and I couldn't be happier about it.  I love me some weekend.  I hope that you are all excited as well and have loads of fun planned.

Today we are doing day 11.  Today's challenge was so very, very easy for me.

I first heard this quote about 10 years ago, and I have loved it ever since.  The words stay with me everywhere I go.  For those of you that were familiar with my last blog, you may recognize this quote as I had it permanently on my side bar.  That is how much I love it.

I have never tracked down who originally said the quote, but whoever it was knew what they were talking about.

There it is, a quote I love.

What is your favorite quote?

Have an amazing weekend Monkey Manics... Day 12 on Monday!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 10: Something I Am Afraid Of

Today is day 10 and I am going to let you all in on my fears.  Today will be a picture post.  Not many words said, because I prefer to just get this over with.  Once posted, I hope I never have to see these pictures again.  Eeeeek!!!

Without further ado... Melissa's fears:

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Those are my top 5.  There are more, but seeing as I have really creeped myself out by posting these... I am not going to continue.  I think I need a rest after this.  Sigh.

What is your #1 fear?

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 9: A Favorite Picture

It's day 9, I am so happy that I have stuck with this challenge as well as I have.  Almost halfway through and then we can go back to our regular programming posting.

Today you get to see a favorite picture of mine.  This was such a hard choice to make.  Do I pick a favorite picture of me?  Do I pick a favorite picture of the monkeys?  One of all of us?  Or a favorite that has none of us in it?

When it comes to pictures of my monkeys, I have WAY too many favorites and I truly don't think I could pick just one.

When it comes to pictures of all of us together, I don't have many pictures at all, sadly.  I am, however, working with my brother to rectify this problem (watch for new family pics soon).

When it comes to pics with none of us in them, I also have way too many favorites.  Pictures of so many random things that I love.  Pictures of places that we have taken our adventures.

When it comes to pictures of me... well, I have a few that I would call favorites, but like most girls, I do not like pictures of myself.

So, I am going to share 2 pictures with you.  You may have seen them before, then again, you may not have, but these are 2 of my favorite pics.  They will fall into 2 of the categories above, and I am sure once you see them, you will be able to pinpoint the correct category with no problems.

You can see from this picture the very reason they are called my monkeys.  I love this picture of them.  It has always been a favorite of mine.  Such good looking monkeys, I do have!

This is a picture of myself (on the left, if you couldn't tell) and my childhood friend Katie.  I don't know what it is about this picture, but I wish I could make myself look like that in every picture taken of me.

There you have it.  You lucky butts got not just one favorite picture of mine today, but two.  I can't believe that I spoil you all the way I do.  Ha.  Must be cause I love you all so much.

Do you have a favorite picture?  What is it of?

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 8: Turn On's and Turn Off's

Hello Monkey Manics.  I hope you are all well this fine Tuesday.  I am sitting at work, wishing I weren't.  As I mentioned yesterday, today is a state holiday here, and I kinda wish that my company would recognize it.  I guess when your headquarters is halfway across the world, they don't worry too much about it though.

Today is day 8.  Today you will dig a little deeper into this mommy monkey and find out what it is that gets me excited or makes me back away.  Hmmm... not sure how I feel about this post.  Oh well... here we go.

Photo found here

We will start with the turn off's, because as you all should know by now, I like to start with the bad.  

* A bad attitude.  I cannot stand negativity and people that I like to call "downers".  No, thank you!
* Someone smaller than myself.  I like to feel dainty in a relationship.  I like to be able to curl up into my man.
* Over-exaggerated egos.  I cannot stand a man that only wants to talk about himself... especially when he goes off about how amazing he really is isn't.
* No manners.  If you are going to take me out... hell, even if I am going to take you out... open the door for me, chew with your mouth closed, don't talk with food in your mouth, and for god's sake... please use a napkin when necessary.  I do NOT want to see you wipe your face on your sleeve.
* Being over bearing.  As in, do not kiss me if I just met you.  Do not ask for sex on a first date (in fact, don't ask for it at all, if it's meant to happen down the road, it'll happen... down the road).  Do not call me your girl, unless we have both established that I am.  Do not smother me.
* Possessiveness. You do not own me.  I am not some prize you have won.  If you treat me as such, you will never see me again.
*Dirty.  If you can't take a shower and put on something semi-decent to go out with me, then just stay home... by yourself.  It's called respect.

There are more, but I think that pretty much gets the point across. 

Photo found here

Now for the turn on's.

* Genuine smile.  I love when a man smiles at me and I can tell that it is genuine.  He is truly happy to see/be with me.
* Truly interested in getting to know me.  There is nothing better than hanging out with someone that truly is interested in getting to know you, and... might I add... this goes both ways.
* Tall.  I seem to be drawn to tall men.  I have dated shorter men, but I always end up more attracted to the tall ones.  Don't ask... even I can't explain it.  Maybe it has to do with the second turn off I listed above.
* Clean and smelling yummy.  People ask me what my favorite smell is, and I always answer the same... "a freshly showered man".  There is just something about it that makes my heart skip a beat.  Also, when a man wears the perfect cologne.  Oh my...
* Cuddling and hugs.  Not on a first date, mind you.  But I am a huge cuddler, and love hugs.  Yes, please!
* Beautiful eyes.  A man's eyes can totally drag you in.  Make you not want to leave.  I love when a handsome man has these amazing eyes.

Once again, I could go on.  But, I believe that is enough for today.  

In the comments, please share one of your turn off's and one turn on.

See you tomorrow Monkey Manics!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 7: What Makes Me Happy

Okay kids, last week got a little ugly, and unfortunately, I was unable to post twice.  Not cool.  But we're back.  Back and ready to go.

Remember, we are on the 30 day challenge still.  I am having a lot of fun with this, and I am also enjoying all the other bloggers posts that are doing it as well.

Day 7.  Today I am supposed to let you in on the things that make me happy.  The things that put a smile on my face.  The things that make me giggle.  Yup, those things.  So, here we go...

First things first... and, of course, the most obvious.  My monkeys make me happy.  They put a smile on my face every day just by being in my life.  That doesn't include all the extra smiles and all the giggles I get from them on a daily basis.  I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for these 2 beautiful faces.

My family makes me happy.  We are all so close and would do anything possible for one another.  I love them more than words can say and I know that they feel the same about me and my monkeys.

Although I am probably going to get hell for using this picture again, I am doing it anyway.  My friends make me happy.  Especially the true ones.  The ones that are there all the time, no matter what.  I love them all.

Fireworks make me happy.  Here in good ol' Utah, the whole month of July is a celebration.  Well, almost all of it.  You see, tomorrow is Utah's birthday so we have a state holiday, with... you guessed it... more fireworks.  I can't wait.

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I have an addiction... to Peanut M&M's.  They make me happy.  'Nuff said.

My boys, the Denver Broncos, make me happy.  I love football, and I love this team.  Amazing men on and off the field.  Keep rockin' boys!

And the last one... for today (because let's face it, my list could go on for days).  Sunsets make me happy.  I took this picture while out at the Great Salt Lake on a Harley ride with a friend.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I love sunsets and wish I could watch them every evening.  Maybe I should make it happen.  Hmmm...

That is the list of some of the top things that make me happy.  I have so many others, so we may have to continue this post another day.  I hope you all enjoyed.

What is something that makes you happy?  Please share in the comments.

Come back for Day 8 tomorrow... until then, keep being amazing you Monkey Manics!

Happy Monday all!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 6: Pet Peeves

For more information on the 30 day challenge, please see this post.  You too could play along.

Today is day 6.  And today you get to learn about what drives me bat shit crazy... also known as my pet peeves.  So, I guess we shall get started.

Photo found here
There isn't really too much that I can complain about on a regular basis.  But just like every one else out there, I am human, and I do have those certain things that I will almost always complain about.  You know how it is... I hope.

Pet peeve #1:  Rude, inconsiderate people.  Now don't get me wrong, I know that we can all become this person once in a while.  I am talking more about the people that are like this constantly.  No consideration for others, always worried about themselves and only that, and complete disrespect 100% of the time.  These are the people that, if I can, I eliminate from my life.

Pet peeve #2:  The monkeys arguing.  Can't stand it.  I have gone into this before, so I won't make a big deal of it now, but it is one thing that can definitely get under my skin and make for a frustrated mommy monkey.

Pet peeve #3:  Drama.  No, I am not talking about "the arts".  I am talking about the people that create it and try to drag you into it.  I am talking about the people that post all of theirs everywhere for everyone to see.  I am talking about the people that cannot be happy without it.  I am talking about the people that I delete from my life... 'nuff said.

Pet peeve #4:  Insomnia.  Now, I only suffer from this from time to time, and I truly feel sorry for those that have a severe form of it (I couldn't imagine), but when I do, I can't stand it.  I am a sleeper.  I love to lay my head down, pass out, and dream.  When I can't, I wanna cry.

Pet peeve #5:  Lying.  Another one that the monkeys have learned I can't stand and will not tolerate.  I do not appreciate being lied to, and therefore will not lie to others.  What is the point anyway?!  I truly do not understand it.

Pet peeve #6:  Chewing with your mouth open.  I may sound stupid for adding this one, but I don't care.  It truly makes my skin crawl when people do it.  I have always been huge on teaching my monkeys not to do this, and now it is one of their pet peeves as well.  Manners, people, manners.

Photo found here
There you have it.  Now you know how to get under my skin if ever you feel the need.  Luckily, I made it through this post, and day 7 will be a happier day.

What is one of your pet peeves?  Please share.

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 5: 5 Places I Want to Visit

I'm sorry about the break we had yesterday.  Something came up, and unfortunately, I was not able to work, blog or do much else.  But today we resume our 30 day challenge.  For more info on this, please read this post.

Day 5.  Today I am to list 5 places I want to visit.  This is not easy.  How do I narrow down the bajillion places I want to visit to a teeny tiny list of 5.  Sigh.

I am going to list the 5 places I want to visit most... So, here we go.

Photo found here
Like every girl that grows up believing she is a princess, I want to go to Disney World.  I have never been.  This, of course, would be a family vacation.  I could never make this trip without the monkeys.  Someday...

Photo found here
 I also cannot wait to visit Hawaii.  In every picture I see, it looks absolutely beautiful.  I can definitely see myself having some major fun and relaxing quite a bit while I am there.  Yes, please!

Photo found here
As long as I can remember, I have wanted to take a month long trip to Italy.  How beautiful is that picture?!  It is most definitely on my bucket list, and I can't wait to cross it off.  Who knows... maybe once I get there, I will want to stay forever.

Photo found here
Of course... Paris falls on every girls "must visit" list.  An absolutely stunning place, I'm sure.  Another one that if I don't see before I die, I may not die happy.  Ya know?!

Photo found here
Last, but certainly not least... Australia.  I do not know why Australia appeals to me the way it does.  But it is definitely one of my must see's.  Stunning picture.

While this wasn't easy, it was pretty fun.  I have so many, many more I could put on here, but that will have to wait for another day.

Tomorrow we will be back with Day 6.  Don't miss it.

What is one place that you just have to see?!

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 4: My Parents

For more information on the 30 day challenge, please see this post.

It is day 4 of the 30 day challenge and today, you get to meet the people that brought me into this world.  These same 2 people have played a major influence on who I am today, and honestly, I feel like I owe them the world.

These are my parents.  Many moons ago, on their wedding day.  I love this picture of them.  They were so happy to be married, and the thing I love the most, is that they are still just as happy.  I can't remember ever seeing my parents argue.  Not once.  Which means they were either smart enough to not do it in front of us, or they have just never argued.  The best is when my mom is in the kitchen cleaning up and you hear my dad say "Dear, what do you need?"  and my moms reply?!  "A kiss, I need a kiss."

My parents have always been hard workers.  They had 6 kids, and both worked full time while we were growing up... in fact, they both still do.  My dad had 2 jobs most of my childhood.  They did this so that we never went without.  We didn't have the best of everything growing up, but we had a lot.  Even though we didn't have the super cute, expensive clothes, we had amazing family vacations.  I look back now, and think wow... my parents really knew how to raise a family.

This pic is a little blurry, but this is them 2 years ago at a family Easter party.  Each one of them holding one of their grandsons.  They are great grand parents and all the kids adore them.

I love my parents more than anything, and they love us all just as much.  I was blessed with people that knew what a family should be, and they cherish every bit of it, every day.

I hope I can do, with my kids, half of what they did with us.  I hope that my monkeys grow up and say the same things about me that I am lucky enough to be able to say about my parents.

We will have some more fun tomorrow with Day 5, so be sure to come back.

Happy Monday Monkey Manics!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 3: My First Love

For more information on the 30 day challenge, please read this post.  So far I feel like I am doing pretty well playing along... but I must remind myself that it is only day 3 and this could all change at any moment.

I will admit, I was not too excited about day 3's challenge.  I am not one that likes to live in or dwell on the past.  I will, however, do the challenge, regardless.

I am asked all the time whether the monkeys dad was my first love.  The truth is, no... he was not.  During the time that he and I were together, I thought I loved him.  And to some extent, I probably grew to love him, but not in the same sense.  I never realized this until I actually did fall in love for the first time, after our divorce.

I love this quote by Marilyn.  I find a lot of truth in it.  My first love, could do just this.  Kiss my forehead, or my cheek, and give me butterflies.  He could do the simplest things and make me fall in love with him over and over again.  This man does NOT know that he was my first true love, nor does he know that from time to time I still miss him and the fun that we had.

His name was Gary.  He was my first relationship after my divorce.  He meant the world to me, as did his kids.  We fell in love, we had our home, we played and played and played.  We loved watching movies and cuddling.  We loved watching sports together.  He taught me how to hit a bucket of balls at the driving range.  We talked about getting married.  We told our parents we were going to get married.  We talked about having a baby of our own.  We had an amazing run.

Then my life came crashing down.  Without giving too many details, things happened... we broke up and I moved out.  I was devastated.  I was not sure I could ever love again.  I didn't know if I even wanted to.

After the break up I did not date anyone for a long while.  I actually stayed in touch with Gary and his daughter for some time, and then even that tapered off.  I can't say to this day that I have ever loved someone as much as I loved him, but I do know that love like that is possible... because of him.

This year on my birthday, he found me on FB.  We have chatted a little since then.  Mostly the whole "how's life? How are the kids?" type of chat.  We have talked about maybe getting together sometime and catching up, but who knows?!  I guess I need to decide if that is truly something I want to do.

I know it's not much, but that is the story of my first love.

We will be back on Monday with Day 4.

Have a great weekend and happy Friday Monkey Manics!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 2: Nicknames

Photo found here
For more information on the 30 day challenge, please read this post.

It is day 2, and today the challenge is to share with you my nicknames.  Some may say that this should be one of the easier challenges, and I would probably say the same... if I didn't have to do it.

You see... I have spent 2 days thinking about this challenge, and trying to compile a list of my nicknames.  This is a little more difficult as I am not the one that calls myself these names.

Shall I include the fact that during my existence, I have probably been called "every name in the book"?!  Or the fact that no one can get it through their head that my name is Melissa and constantly call me some other name... Michelle being the most common?!  So common is it, that if you were to call me that, I would probably respond.... No joke here.

I have decided to skip over these facts and just compile a list of what I think falls into the category of an actual "nickname".  So here it is... the many names of... me!!

This has been a nickname of mine for many years.  As I have grown and gotten to know more people, I have acquired new people calling me this, and more often.  There are 3 people that call me this regularly... my baby sister (who has called me this almost as long as I can remember, although she usually says Mel Clark), bestie monkey and her boyfriend.  Now, for the record... bestie monkey didn't call me this til she started dating this man.  It rubbed off onto her, I guess.

First we had the first part of the name, now we have the last part.  Only one person has ever called me this, and not very often... my mom. I used to love when I was growing up and she would say this instead of my full name.  For one, I knew I was not in trouble.  And for two, I knew that something good was probably about to happen.

This is obviously a given, but it is my very favorite nickname.  My monkeys are 12 and 10, and they still have not grown out of saying mommy.  I secretly hope they never do.  

Honey Bee
There are 2 people in my life that have called me this... I am not going to go into that now, but maybe someday.  I had to include this one because it too is one of my favorites.  Melissa means "bee" in greek, and this is how this nickname got started.

Some might say that this is the most common nickname for my name.  I would tell them they are wrong... at least in my case.  Up until I was 17, my brother was the only person that ever used this name for me.  At 17, his current wife started calling me that because that was how she was introduced to me.  Now there were 2. At this point, a few others call me this as well, but only people that know me through my brother.

There you have it.  My list of nicknames.  I'm sure there are others I could have put on there, but this list will have to suffice for now.  I love all the nicknames I have, and am grateful that I have people that love me enough to call me these things out of love.... Ha!

Come back tomorrow, we will be doing Day 3: My First Love.  Could be interesting.

What is the one nickname that you are called that you absolutely love?

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!!

P.S. I do not know what is going on with my blog and why things are showing up white... please bear with me while I try to figure it out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 1: Introduce Myself

I found this 30 day challenge over at Blended With Love, a blog I have followed for some time.  I thought it might be fun for us all if 1 - I attempt to do it, and 2 - you all attempt to do it as well.  So, here it is... I challenge you all to play along.  You can click the link for Blended With Love to find the whole 30 day list, or you can just follow along with me.

For this 30 day challenge, I will post my challenges Monday through Friday, therefore Monday Musings and Throwback Thursdays will be taking a short break.

I am hoping you will all know a little more about me by the time we are done, and I hope to know a little more about you as well.

Day 1:  Introduce myself with a picture of me and 10 likes and dislikes.

This is me at an 80's birthday party I went to a few years back.  Bestie Monkey snapped this picture and I love it.  I was totally in my element here... laughing and having fun.  What you can't see is the glitter in my hair, and the fact that I am wearing a skirt... I know... so NOT like me.  I also have on boots with leg warmers... cause I'm cool like that!

I am going to start with my dislikes, because I always like to get the bad stuff out of the way first.  So... off we go...

10 Dislikes:

1 - I dislike selfish, disrespectful people.  'Nuff said.
2 - I absolutely hate spiders, snakes and anything else creepy.
3 - I dislike lying... very much so.
4 - I dislike dressing up... especially if I have to get super fancy.
5 - I do not like when the monkeys don't get along.
6 - I dislike cinnamon and peppermint.
7 - I dislike yard work... house work, no problem... yard work... UGH!
8 - I dislike greasy foods, and not just because it's unhealthy either.
9 - I dislike hate snow... any snow... all snow.  Don't like it at all.
10 - I dislike fake people and the drama they cause.  Keep that shit away from me.


1 - I like love being a mom.
2 - I like being outdoors... when the weather is nice.
3 - I like sushi... this is a recent discovery, but one I am very happy with.
4 - I like homemade food FAR better than the alternatives.
5 - I like wearing shorts, except at work.
6 - I like my job.  Most days.  I like helping people.
7 - I like blogging... my little escape.
8 - I like Peanut M&M's... probably too much... but can you say YUMMY?!
9 - I like tank tops and flip flops... A LOT.
10 - I like love laughing.  I truly believe it is the best medicine.

There you have it.  Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 2: Nicknames.

Did you learn anything new about me?! What is one of your likes or dislikes?  Please share.

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Photo found here
Today, I am escaping reality.  Not literally, just mentally.  My brain needs a break.  Too much thinking going on and it is starting to hurt... no joke.

There is so much going on in my life right now, and yet nothing is really going on.  I have reached the point of the "fuck it" attitude.  Which, really... for me... doesn't happen all that often.

You see, I am the ultimate optimist.  Anything happens and I am always right there finding the good in it.  Not much can really bring me down from my blissful high.

I love being a happy person, and I am loved for it as well.  I am always trying to get others to be happy with me.  I am a believer that happiness and being positive are contagious.  Then again, the opposite end of the spectrum is as well.

I surround myself with happy people as best as I can, and keep the negative ones out.  This keeps me going, most days.

Today, however, despite the happy people I try to surround myself with, I still don't care... I... need... a... break.  And I think know I am entitled to it... every once in a while... right?!?!

I haven't been on Facebook, or twitter, or any of the others as much as usual lately, because I honestly could care less about the drama in other people's lives, and really don't give a shit about every meal you eat or when you take a bathroom break.  Tell me I am not the only one that has these friends...?!

I avoid the news for the most part.  Here in good ol' Utah, we have about a bajillion wildfires going on and it breaks my heart to see or hear about them. And unfortunately, unless someone is murdered (which is also known to break my heart) the fires are pretty much top news.

The summer weather has arrived.  We are supposed to reach 104 degrees this week.  A little on the hot side, but I am enjoying the weather nonetheless.  A nice ride in the mountains sounds absolutely fabulous when the temps reach that high.  Being stuck in the valley... blows.  I hate being cooped up in a building, but it gets a little too hot to spend too much  time outside.  Ugh... can't win!

I want a vacation... a real one.  I want to leave town for a significant amount of time.  I do not want to think about work.  Or housework.  Or car problems.  Or money problems.  Or bedtime.  Or anything else that makes my head spin.

Have you had enough of my bitching yet?!  I have.  I hate having this attitude.  Luckily, getting it all out has released some of the pressure in my head, so I am happy for that.

I hope you all are having a better day.

Come back tomorrow... we will be starting something that I think will be rather fun, and will challenge you all to do the same.

Happy Tuesday Monkey Manics!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Musings

It is Monday.  I don't want it to be Monday.  Father Time and I had a little falling out last night, and it would seem he has won, once again.  The bright side to this is that Friday will soon show it's pretty face... so I won't complain too much... for now.

You all know that Monday means it is time for another round of Monday Musings.  The post where my random thoughts make it into cyber world.  This time may be a bit of a rough go-around, however.

Have you ever felt like your brain is so over loaded that it could explode at any moment?  That is how I have felt for the past week.  Yet, at the same time, it is empty.  I can truly think of nothing.  I do not understand this, but alas, it is the way it is.

I will attempt to put some thoughts down for you all regardless of the empty, yet too full, brain problem I am experiencing.  So, off we go...

- You can see in the picture above that there really are times when the monkeys get along and love each other, and no... they were not just doing it to pose for the picture.  I often wonder why it can't be like that all the time.  I constantly remind my monkeys that they really do need to learn to get along seeing as the only people they have for the rest of their lives is... each other.  However, half the time I feel like my words are falling on deaf ears.  Maybe it's the ages they are at?!  Maybe it's something else?!  Who knows, but I hate to see them fighting.

- I have been taking the monkeys on walks with me every evening when it starts to cool down.  They are loving it.  Sister walks with me, and Brother rides his roller blades.  Our walks last roughly an hour, and it is great to have that time for just the 3 of us, enjoying the weather.  Not to mention, Brothers legs are getting very strong.

- Being a working mom is not for me, I've decided.  So... the search begins for a wealthy man to take care of us.  Haha, not really.  I truly think I would get bored being at home all day while the monkeys were at school.  It just kills me that they are not in school right now, but I am still away from them all day.

- All of our friends are camping... I miss camping, I want to be with them right now.  That is all.

- Bestie Monkey celebrates her day of birth this week.  I always get her the same present.  Chocolate covered cinnamon bears.  Why?  Because it is a treat she doesn't have to share with me (I do not like cinnamon).  This year, however, I think I will get her some peanut M&M's.... why?!  Because I want some... take that Kris... ;)

- I want another weekend.  Once again, that is all.

That is it from me.  Do any of you have any random thoughts you'd like to share?

Happy Monday Monkey Manics!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Throwback Thursday

It is Thursday again (although it feels like Monday after having a holiday yesterday) and that means another round of Throwback Thursdays.  Once again I will share a picture from the past and tell you all about it.  So... without further explanation... let's do this.

This picture is 2 years old.  Taken on the 4th of July, 2010.  In it you see sister monkey on the left, brother monkey on the right and their good monkey friend in the middle.  The kids were getting ready for the annual parade in our little town that we always love going to.  You can see they all have their bags in hand ready to catch some candy.  They always seem to get way too much at this parade... but they love it.

Here they are about halfway through the parade showing off what they had collected so far.  We always love spending time with friends and family for the holidays.

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Always There

I had a few different plans for what I was going to post about today, but last night, that all took a bit of a turn.

Yesterday was a pretty hellish day.  Don't get me wrong, I am the type of person that believes that every day that I am above ground is a good day, but yesterday sure had it's moments when this Mommy monkey could have totally flipped out.

So... I spent the evening yesterday venting it all out to my bestie, and it really made me realize how lucky I am to have her in my life... especially as much as I do.

So, in honor of her, today you are going to learn a little about myself and Bestie Monkey!

This is a picture of myself and her... at work.  Yes, how lucky am I that I get to work with my best friend every day?!

A little background.  We both used to work at our local airport.  This is where we met.  We became close friends, and then she quit... up and left me.  I was sad, but I still was able to hang with her outside of work, which is what was most important to me anyway.  Shortly after she left, I had left for another job as well.  She contacted me and told me that the company she worked for was hiring... for the same department.  I applied, and voila, we are once again together every day.

She is a mom of 2 as well.  We have watched each others kids grow up.  We still hang out outside of work. We live 2 miles away from each other.  We know almost everything about each other.  We finish each others sentences.  We buy the same clothes without coordinating.  We wear said clothes on the same day... without coordinating.  She is my soul sister... forever.

We have had so many fun, interesting and scary adventures together.  One thing always remains the same though, no matter what we go through, it becomes a memory for us, and we can always laugh about it later.

We have so many things in common it's almost scary.  We are, however, very different in many ways as well.  While we can read each others minds, we can also surprise each other quite a bit with some of the things we say to each other as well.

She has seen me go through hell, and helped me to overcome it and see the positive.  I like to say that I have done the same for her, but she is so strong, I don't really know if I have helped or not.  Ha.

I am extremely happy for her.  She is in a relationship that she seems to be very happy in.  She loves him, he loves her, they move in together, and live happily ever after (or at least this is what we hope for).  I wish nothing but the very best for them.

I love her more than words can say.  She deserves nothing but the best for her and her kids.  And this is me thanking her publicly for always being my rock.  Always having a shoulder for me to cry on.  Always having me and the monkeys backs.  Always being a true friend.  I couldn't live without her.  And don't worry, she will see this... and probably give me hell because she hates that pic of us... but I think we look like 2 hot chickie's... so there, girlie, take that!!

Love you bestie.  Thank you... for EVERYTHING!

Do you have someone like this in your life?  What is your favorite part of your relationship with them?

Have a great Tuesday Monkey Manics!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Musings

Yes, it's Monday again.  I have to admit... I had an absolutely amazing weekend (for the most part), and was most definitely not wanting it to end.

When you get to spend time with very special people in your life, and do things that you love to do, don't you just wish that Father Time would slow down a little?!

Regardless, Monday has once again shown it's face, and I am just gonna have to make the best of it.  Looking on the bright side, however, Wednesday is a big holiday here in the U.S. of A. and that means a day off with my monkeys and other loved ones.  I am way excited for that.

Let's get this week started off with another round of Monday Musings shall we...

- I still can't believe how easy it is to piss off my ex... and now his girlfriend too.  I constantly feel like I am walking on pins and needles with them... and I am sorry, but I don't feel it should be this way... at all!!!!

- There is nothing more relaxing than taking in some beautiful scenery... especially if you can share it with someone.  Living where I do, it is easy to find some amazing scenery, and you don't have to go far.  I love it.

- The monkeys want to have a yard sale... I don't want to have a headache.  I usually just donate their old toys and clothes to a local place that sells them cheap, for those that can't afford new.  What to do, what to do?!

- One of my favorite holidays... the 4th of July.  BBQ's, family time, parades, music in the park and, of course, fireworks.  Time to figure out what me and the monkeys are gonna do...

- For those that have been following along.... I have made it to 10 porn stars following me on Twitter.  I didn't realize I could be so appealing to women that make their living having sex... on tape.  Blech.

- I don't know about all of you, but I have so many different definitions of the word "HERO"... And really, anyone can be one.  Recently, my kids and I had our very own hero show up, and I am just gonna throw out a public thank you to this person.  They know who they are, and I really hope they see this.  We are super grateful!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- I am a nice person, by nature... I try my hardest not to be mean.  Sometimes though, I can't help it and the bitch side comes out.  I am trying to work on this... suggestions would be great.

That's it for this Monday.  I am going to get to work now... got lots to do.

Did you have any random thoughts over the past week you're willing to share?

Happy Monday Monkey Manics!