Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 1: Introduce Myself

I found this 30 day challenge over at Blended With Love, a blog I have followed for some time.  I thought it might be fun for us all if 1 - I attempt to do it, and 2 - you all attempt to do it as well.  So, here it is... I challenge you all to play along.  You can click the link for Blended With Love to find the whole 30 day list, or you can just follow along with me.

For this 30 day challenge, I will post my challenges Monday through Friday, therefore Monday Musings and Throwback Thursdays will be taking a short break.

I am hoping you will all know a little more about me by the time we are done, and I hope to know a little more about you as well.

Day 1:  Introduce myself with a picture of me and 10 likes and dislikes.

This is me at an 80's birthday party I went to a few years back.  Bestie Monkey snapped this picture and I love it.  I was totally in my element here... laughing and having fun.  What you can't see is the glitter in my hair, and the fact that I am wearing a skirt... I know... so NOT like me.  I also have on boots with leg warmers... cause I'm cool like that!

I am going to start with my dislikes, because I always like to get the bad stuff out of the way first.  So... off we go...

10 Dislikes:

1 - I dislike selfish, disrespectful people.  'Nuff said.
2 - I absolutely hate spiders, snakes and anything else creepy.
3 - I dislike lying... very much so.
4 - I dislike dressing up... especially if I have to get super fancy.
5 - I do not like when the monkeys don't get along.
6 - I dislike cinnamon and peppermint.
7 - I dislike yard work... house work, no problem... yard work... UGH!
8 - I dislike greasy foods, and not just because it's unhealthy either.
9 - I dislike hate snow... any snow... all snow.  Don't like it at all.
10 - I dislike fake people and the drama they cause.  Keep that shit away from me.


1 - I like love being a mom.
2 - I like being outdoors... when the weather is nice.
3 - I like sushi... this is a recent discovery, but one I am very happy with.
4 - I like homemade food FAR better than the alternatives.
5 - I like wearing shorts, except at work.
6 - I like my job.  Most days.  I like helping people.
7 - I like blogging... my little escape.
8 - I like Peanut M&M's... probably too much... but can you say YUMMY?!
9 - I like tank tops and flip flops... A LOT.
10 - I like love laughing.  I truly believe it is the best medicine.

There you have it.  Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 2: Nicknames.

Did you learn anything new about me?! What is one of your likes or dislikes?  Please share.

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

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