Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 6: Pet Peeves

For more information on the 30 day challenge, please see this post.  You too could play along.

Today is day 6.  And today you get to learn about what drives me bat shit crazy... also known as my pet peeves.  So, I guess we shall get started.

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There isn't really too much that I can complain about on a regular basis.  But just like every one else out there, I am human, and I do have those certain things that I will almost always complain about.  You know how it is... I hope.

Pet peeve #1:  Rude, inconsiderate people.  Now don't get me wrong, I know that we can all become this person once in a while.  I am talking more about the people that are like this constantly.  No consideration for others, always worried about themselves and only that, and complete disrespect 100% of the time.  These are the people that, if I can, I eliminate from my life.

Pet peeve #2:  The monkeys arguing.  Can't stand it.  I have gone into this before, so I won't make a big deal of it now, but it is one thing that can definitely get under my skin and make for a frustrated mommy monkey.

Pet peeve #3:  Drama.  No, I am not talking about "the arts".  I am talking about the people that create it and try to drag you into it.  I am talking about the people that post all of theirs everywhere for everyone to see.  I am talking about the people that cannot be happy without it.  I am talking about the people that I delete from my life... 'nuff said.

Pet peeve #4:  Insomnia.  Now, I only suffer from this from time to time, and I truly feel sorry for those that have a severe form of it (I couldn't imagine), but when I do, I can't stand it.  I am a sleeper.  I love to lay my head down, pass out, and dream.  When I can't, I wanna cry.

Pet peeve #5:  Lying.  Another one that the monkeys have learned I can't stand and will not tolerate.  I do not appreciate being lied to, and therefore will not lie to others.  What is the point anyway?!  I truly do not understand it.

Pet peeve #6:  Chewing with your mouth open.  I may sound stupid for adding this one, but I don't care.  It truly makes my skin crawl when people do it.  I have always been huge on teaching my monkeys not to do this, and now it is one of their pet peeves as well.  Manners, people, manners.

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There you have it.  Now you know how to get under my skin if ever you feel the need.  Luckily, I made it through this post, and day 7 will be a happier day.

What is one of your pet peeves?  Please share.

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!


  1. Hahahah Love THESE!

    You inspired me.. I am on Day 4....

  2. Pet peeves. When I go into a bathroom with a shower curtain that isn't closed. I have to close it. That could be OCD tho?! Have an awesome weekend. I love this project you're doing! very cool!