Tuesday, July 10, 2012


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Today, I am escaping reality.  Not literally, just mentally.  My brain needs a break.  Too much thinking going on and it is starting to hurt... no joke.

There is so much going on in my life right now, and yet nothing is really going on.  I have reached the point of the "fuck it" attitude.  Which, really... for me... doesn't happen all that often.

You see, I am the ultimate optimist.  Anything happens and I am always right there finding the good in it.  Not much can really bring me down from my blissful high.

I love being a happy person, and I am loved for it as well.  I am always trying to get others to be happy with me.  I am a believer that happiness and being positive are contagious.  Then again, the opposite end of the spectrum is as well.

I surround myself with happy people as best as I can, and keep the negative ones out.  This keeps me going, most days.

Today, however, despite the happy people I try to surround myself with, I still don't care... I... need... a... break.  And I think know I am entitled to it... every once in a while... right?!?!

I haven't been on Facebook, or twitter, or any of the others as much as usual lately, because I honestly could care less about the drama in other people's lives, and really don't give a shit about every meal you eat or when you take a bathroom break.  Tell me I am not the only one that has these friends...?!

I avoid the news for the most part.  Here in good ol' Utah, we have about a bajillion wildfires going on and it breaks my heart to see or hear about them. And unfortunately, unless someone is murdered (which is also known to break my heart) the fires are pretty much top news.

The summer weather has arrived.  We are supposed to reach 104 degrees this week.  A little on the hot side, but I am enjoying the weather nonetheless.  A nice ride in the mountains sounds absolutely fabulous when the temps reach that high.  Being stuck in the valley... blows.  I hate being cooped up in a building, but it gets a little too hot to spend too much  time outside.  Ugh... can't win!

I want a vacation... a real one.  I want to leave town for a significant amount of time.  I do not want to think about work.  Or housework.  Or car problems.  Or money problems.  Or bedtime.  Or anything else that makes my head spin.

Have you had enough of my bitching yet?!  I have.  I hate having this attitude.  Luckily, getting it all out has released some of the pressure in my head, so I am happy for that.

I hope you all are having a better day.

Come back tomorrow... we will be starting something that I think will be rather fun, and will challenge you all to do the same.

Happy Tuesday Monkey Manics!


  1. Oh my... you and I... are destined to be besties...
    Because I swear I vented about something like this recently....

    <3 you!

  2. I love your bitch fests! They sound like mine...ha! Seriously though, I'm sorry you are feeling this way right now. Hang in there, it'll pass. Love ya!!!