Friday, June 29, 2012

Short And Sweet

I know, I know... you all read that title and thought I was talking about me today, didn't you?!  Well, thanks.  It is much appreciated.

However, I regret to inform you that you are wrong.  I was actually talking about today's post.

You see, these monkeys have had a pretty crazy, busy week.  With Sister being injured and still not healing like we thought she would, 2 visits to the doctor, Brother being run all over the neighborhood for sleepovers or just to hang out with friends (keeps him out of Sister's hair), work, daycare, not getting home til 8 p.m. every night, etc. etc.... we have not had much down time for ourselves.

My head is still spinning... not literally, thank god.  As I try to piece my "normal" life back together, I cannot come up with the time, energy or thought process it takes to write a blog post that will satisfy your needs or mine.  For that, I apologize.

I will be relaxing my mind a lot this weekend, and will be getting things back in order (fingers crossed) so that I can return to you all on Monday with a fabulous Monday Musings post. In the meantime, you can enjoy this pic of your favorite monkeys from... oh... about 3 years ago.

Please forgive me.  I love all you Monkey Manics.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and be safe!

Do you ever have weeks like this?  How do you deal with it?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Throwback Thursday

It's Friday eve all, and that means it's time for another Throwback Thursday.  This is my favorite post of the week.  You all get to see into our past.  And I get to tell you a little about what you are seeing.

This week we highlighted Brother Monkey.  So here is a look at him... when he was much smaller.

In this picture Brother was about a year and a half old.  We were at the monkeys great grandpa's house for a  BBQ with my ex in-laws and fam.  Brother kept pulling the funniest faces at us, and of course, right when I went to snap the pic... he went somber.  And stayed that way.  I love his cheeks in this pic.  Neither of my kids were ever chubby enough to have the cute little rolls that babies get, but his chubby cheeks here just crack me up.  Also... I love, love, LOVE the blond hair and brown eyes.  He was such a little stud... and he still is.

 Do you think the baby fat rolls are cute?  Were you lucky enough that your child/children had them?

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Most Hated

Today is kind of a special day... okay, not really, but it's fun to pretend.  I am going to let you Monkey Manics in on the thing that I hate the most.  Are you excited yet?!  You should be...

As parents, we do (or should do) everything we can to protect our children, while still allowing them to be children and exposing them to the world... to an extent.  I am one of these parents.  My kids go to a public school.  They play outside with their friends.  I have them try new foods all the time and the list goes on.  They definitely get "exposure".  However, I also do what I can to prevent them from illness, injury and the cruelties of the world.  I am only one person, I can only do so much.

As you may have read in yesterday's post, one week ago today Sister Monkey got to pay a visit to the Emergency Room.

There you have it, the thing I hate the most.  Hospitals... especially if I am there for one of my monkeys.

Here is a little run down of the monkeys visits to various hospitals, starting with the most recent.

Last Wednesday, Sister Monkey decided to ride her scooter barefoot and soaking wet. She was in the middle of the road and took a horrible fall.  Mind you, I had no idea.  The monkeys were at their dads, I was at work.  Imagine, I am sitting at work, the dreaded ex calls and so ensues this convo:
Me: Hello
Ex: I need your insurance info
Me: Ummm... Can I ask why?!
Ex: Because I am taking Emily to the ER, just text me your insurance info.
Me: Excuse me... Why are you taking her to the ER.  What happened?!
Ex: She fell, I think her leg is broken.
Me: WHAT?!?!?! What hospital?  I will meet you there.
Ex: No, it's fine, just text me your info.
Me: (extremely frustrated at this point) I WILL MEET YOU THERE, UNLESS YOU'VE FORGOTTEN... THIS IS MY DAUGHTER TOO.
Ex: Fine, (names hospital) but we'll get there first... text me the info.
Me: Bye!
I left work early, headed to the hospital, and the picture above shows what I saw when I got there.  X-rays were done, and luckily nothing was broken.  She was given crutches and allowed to go home.  She is able to walk now.  Her knees are looking way better, but the lower wound on her right leg is still very sore, and pretty bad.  She still has a very swollen foot and a lot of pain.  She may be going back in soon.

Here are both of my monkeys in the ER for severe dehydration.  Sister about 2 years ago, and Brother about 2 months ago.  Sad little monkey faces.  These were pretty scary trips.

There is nothing more awful than seeing your child almost completely helpless and not knowing what is wrong with them.  They can't move much.  Won't talk to you, or even smile.  They can't keep anything down and have a bucket with them at all times because they can't make it to a toilet when the nothing that they've eaten decides to come back up.

Luckily both visits were a success.  Got fluid and some meds in them and they left in better spirits.

Both monkeys have paid visits to the children's hospital as well... Sister when she was 2, because she was not gaining weight and was at the same weight as her 1 year check-up.  And again at age 9 for a very weird rash on her face.  Brother at 11 days old because he could not keep anything down, after numerous tests and 3 prescriptions later, we have his dad to thank for giving him acid reflux.  And again at 1 1/2 for a very rare heart murmur which thankfully he has grown out of.

There it is... the run down of our hospital visits (excluding myself).  This is what I absolutely hate the most.  Seeing my monkeys hurting or sick breaks my heart more than anything in this world ever could.

What is the one thing that has scared you the most in regards to your child/children?

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brother Monkey Highlight

I am a little worried about doing this post.  Last week we did a highlight of Sister Monkey and that very same day had to rush her to the emergency room for an injury that she is still recovering from.  However, I do not feel that the post contributed... so we are going to do this anyway.

Brother Monkey (a.k.a Dallon, buggy and dude) is 10 years old.  As I have mentioned before, he loves to climb on everything.  He still hasn't quite figured out just which trees or branches are safe yet, as he is getting bigger, but we are working on it, and who knows?!  Maybe someday he will get it.

He hates school.  He is very smart and learns things easily.  He always gets good grades, but still... does not like school... at all.

Brother Monkey has been diagnosed with ADHD.  Between his father and I we choose not to medicate.  He has had some counseling, and is doing pretty well since.

He hates doing anything that he has to do.  Showers, homework, getting up in the morning, going to bed, chores... and the list goes on.  He is the kind of kid that wants to live life his way and on his terms... we are working on this also.

He is/always has been one of the "cool" kids.  He is very good at making friends... when he wants to.  He always wants to wear the cool clothes, have the cool hairstyles and is always asking me "is this cool, mommy?"

He loves to be part of "the boys".  Always being around myself and his sissy, makes it so that anytime a man or older boy is around... he will follow them like a puppy dog.  He wants to be a part of whatever they are doing.  He wants to help if things are being fixed.  He wants to play video games with them if that's what they're doing.  He makes them his role models.

He loves pizza.  He could eat it for every meal... if I'd let him.  He also loves fruit... specifically watermelon and strawberries.  He recently found out that he likes apricots as well.

Brother Monkey was born weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz.  He was 21 1/2" long.  I had once again given birth to a toothpick baby.  He is still pretty tall (although I think it will really catch up to him in his teen years) and is still stick thin.

He loves to work out.  Exercise and lifting weights are 2 of his favorite activities.  I am always in the know of whether he has a 2, 4 or 6 pack.  Always in the know.

He loves his dad, and (in my opinion) would benefit greatly if he had a little more time with him.  He loves me too, don't get me wrong, but I am the mom... the one who gets to do all the mean stuff... chores, showers and the like.  He loves his sissy and it shows immensely when she is hurting.  He also has a new baby brother... his first brother (he has 3 sisters) and he is so excited to have him, and loves him so much.

If I had to pick just one attribute about this boy that I love more than any other... it would be the way his blond hair and brown eyes compliment each other perfectly.

I love this little man way too much, but that's what us mommy's do.  I gave him life, and he (and his sissy) give me a reason to live.

 If you had to pick one attribute about your child/children that you loved most... what would it be?

Happy Tuesday Monkey Manics.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings

It is Monday once again, and of course, that means another round of Monday Musings.

I am going to say that I have big plans for this upcoming weekend, and am having a hard time focusing on anything but my excitement.  What are my plans, you ask?!  Stay tuned this week, and you will find out.

I have to admit this Monday is a little worse than most... but only because it's happening right now, and because I am still working on my first cup of coffee.

Oh well... so be it.  This post isn't going to write itself, so here we go...

- For those of you that were here last week, I would like to report how popular I have become with the female porn stars on Twitter.  I now have 7 of them following me... BAM!  I feel... awkward.

- Why do people go ape shit crazy when they have a break up with a significant other?!  Why do they assume they know things that they really know nothing about?!  Why can't we all be adults and move the fuck on?!  Just saying.......

- I'm ready for a vacation.  Nothing specific in mind, because anything will do.  Who's with me?!

- It's crazy how I can be the best mommy in the whole world, and 10 seconds later, without doing anything, I am suddenly the worst mommy in the whole world.  I wish I knew how this worked.

- Sometimes I wish I could just numb myself from emotion... even if just for a little while.  Lessons to be learned from it, I guess.

- Is there anything better in this world than hearing your children (or monkeys, in my case) tell you they love you?!  I think not...

- Still suffering from some insomnia, but it is getting better... Thank god for that.

- My ankle had finally stopped hurting, I was all sorts of excited, and then guess what happened last night?!?!  Ugh... hoping it goes away again soon.

That's it for this week.  I am hoping that all of you Monkey Manics have a fabulous day, and week ahead.

What is your Monday Musing for this week?!  Please share in the comments love notes section.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Facebook Funnies

I am so happy that today is Friday.  Words cannot express the joy I am feeling.  I have some amazing Monkeys, some super awesome friends and family, and, of course, I have all of you.

One of the most popular posts on my old blog was our Friday Facebook Funnies post.  This will not be done every Friday, but we'll sneak it in when we can.

The rules of this post are pretty simple.  I will list things that I have found on Facebook recently, that I think may strike someone's fancy.  All sources will remain anonymous.  I have not altered the posts in any way.  My comments will be in dark purple.  My opinions are mine, and mine alone.

Off we go...

- Women should not have children after 25. Really... 25 children are enough!!!!!  - AGREED

- Out driving around and a wreck happens right in front of me... Now the police want to interview me... Strange, I didn't even apply for a job there.

- Sure, you women *say* you don't need men anymore. But just wait until we start packaging tampons in tightly sealed jars.  - For the record, I never said we don't need men... Just sayin'

- When I pay for something at IKEA I write a check and tear it into 50 pieces. Then I hand it to the cashier and say "You gonna have to put that crap together yourself"  - Bahahahahaha... That is all

- I can't breathe without you...
Seriously, you took my sleep apnea machine when you left.

- why does life suck and i can't get nothing i want
:'( sucks for me (having a bad night)  - Hmmm... Maybe cause of your attitude, just a thought

- Work is so boaring  - What?!

Now for some pics that we Monkeys have found on good ol' FB

Love them all.  The top one, yeah... that actually happened to me...... I wish.  Ha.

Have you found anything on FB lately worth sharing?  If so... please share in the comments below.

Happy Friday Monkey Manics.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Throwback Thursday

It is Thursday again my friends, and that means another round of Throwback Thursdays.  Just a reminder, I will show you a picture of our Monkey past, and do my best to explain when it was taken and what was going on at the time.

Ready?!  Let's do this...

Yesterday we did a highlight of Sister Monkey, so here's today's pic...

This is my baby girl on the day that she became a big sister.  She had been at Grandma's house all day, and when she came up to the hospital she decided that she didn't like sharing her mommy and started bawling.  This was the best smile we could get out of her.

I miss this little girl.  The one that loved pink.  The one that would let me do cute things with her hair.  The one that would cuddle up to us all the time.

I do, however, love the young woman that she is becoming.  I love that she is independent and smart... and beautiful.  I love that she can still, to this day, make me smile like she did when this picture was taken.

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sister Monkey Highlight

Today we are going to do a little highlight on Sister Monkey (a.k.a. Emily, Sissy or Baby Girl).

Sister Monkey is 12 years old.  She is spunky, outgoing and has a huge heart that is almost always worn on her sleeve.

She loves school, reading and hanging out with the people she loves.  She has a huge love for music and is a great singer.

While she doesn't always get along with Brother Monkey as well as I would like to see... she tells him all the time that if anyone messes with him, she'll protect him first and foremost.  She, also, can always make him smile after I piss him off.

Because of her huge heart, she makes friends easily.  Because she wears it on her sleeve, she has been taken advantage of by said friends, and then gets her precious heart broken... quite easily, in fact.

She has a sense of knowing things (usually about me) long before anyone else does.  I don't know how she does it, but she does.  I remember countless times that she has said something to me and 2 days later, it will happen, and all I can do is giggle... should have seen it coming.

She was what I called a toothpick baby.  She weighed in at 7 lbs even, and 22 1/2" long when born.  She was super tall... and skinny.  I told everyone 12 years ago, "she'll be taller than me by 6th grade".  She just graduated the 6th grade.  Stands as tall as me, her feet are bigger than mine, and we can swap clothes.  Lord help me.

She is now getting the teenage attitude that I have always heard about and feared.  While most days it isn't all that bad, but when she starts, there is no end.  She is like a firecracker.  Watch out.

She likes me when I am nice, or when her dad is "being mean", and she likes her dad when he's nice or I am "being mean".  She hates that we are divorced and no longer live together, but the older she gets, the more she understands.

She was the top reader in her entire school last year, and I am not surprised.  A 6th grader reading at a 12th grade level.  If I get her out of the house without a book in tow... there must be something wrong.

Too smart for her own good half the time, but I learn so much from this "little" monkey of mine.  She teaches me things I would have never known... including some life lessons that will benefit the both of us.

There you have it.  Sister Monkey in a nutshell.  I love this girl more than words can ever say and I am grateful to be able to call her mine for the rest of eternity.

Come back next week when we will highlight Brother Monkey.

In the meantime, what is your favorite attribute about your child/children?

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Somethin' Somethin'

I am going to indulge you all a little today.  You are going to find out things you may or may not have already known about your favorite monkeys.  This could get fun, then again... maybe not.  Only time will tell.

First things first... I want to explain to you why I consistently call my kids my monkeys.  This is something I have been doing since brother monkey was roughly 9 months old.

You see... before brother monkey learned to walk, he learned to climb... on everything.  It didn't matter where we were, or what we were doing, he could always find some type of structure to climb.

He was always making me nervous, and I said only 2 words for a very long time.  Can you guess what those were?!  If you guessed "get down", you win.  The child to this very day loves to climb.  He still hasn't quite figured out what is exactly safe or unsafe yet, but we are getting there.

Back to the story.  Brother monkey learned to climb.  Sister Monkey who was slightly older than him noticed the attention he was getting when climbing unsafely (negative attention, might I add?!) and decided that she too wanted attention.  After this... everything in my home became playground equipment.  If it was there, they would climb it.  More often than not... together.

THIS... is when calling them my monkeys all started.  I have since been dubbed Mommy Monkey... and so it still is.

Next indulgence.  I have been trying to teach the monkeys that it doesn't matter what other people think of you.  The only thing that matters is that you love yourself and are truly happy with who you are.

This is a lot easier said than done with sister monkey.  She is at an age now where peer pressure is really starting to kick in, and being "in style" and part of the "popular crowd" is supposedly huge.

So, how am I teaching her, you ask?!  Simple... I embarrass her.  When we are in the car, I turn the music up, roll down the windows and dance... I am getting good at driving and shakin' my groove thing all at the same time.  I sing the wrong words... Loud.  I add my own words.  She is starting to love it, even though she absolutely hated it at first.

If we are in public, I will skip, or walk funny, or grab her hand and swing our arms.  She has learned not to fight me on this.

She is starting to learn through all of this, that she is her own person, and doesn't care so much what other people think.  She is also learning just how crazy her mother is... but regardless of that, the message is getting through, and I am seeing improvement.  Success is mine!

Last little tidbit for today.  This one is short, sweet and to the point.  I have taken myself out of the dating game for a bit.  By my own choice.  I want to spend time focused on strictly my monkeys and myself, and therefore, am not allowing focus for another... at this time.

Over the last couple weeks, I have been informed by the monkeys that I need to go on a date.  For some odd reason they say that they believe it would be good for me.

I was happy being focused.  I was fine not dating.  I was okay with being alone (for the most part).  But I am a firm believer that our children see and sense things far before we do.

Maybe I do need it... I don't know.

Your turn now... leave us a little tidbit about you... please.

Happy Tuesday Monkey Manics!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Musings

Well kids, it's Monday again, and I am not sure that I am too happy about it.  I miss the weekend already, but it is what it is, I suppose.

With it being Monday, that means it's time for you all to jump into my head again for another round of Monday Musings.

Remember, these are my thoughts and mine alone.  So... don't go stealing them or anything, or I may have to hunt you down...

Here we go...

- Do you ever feel like crying and you're not sure whether it's a happy cry or a sad one?  This happened to me quite a bit last week.  I think I am finally over it now though... THANK GOODNESS!

- I think sleep is overrated... I'm not sure.  I do know that I would like to find out though.  This insomnia, or whatever it is, is killing me.

- I have had 2 people follow me on Twitter now that I believe are porn stars... or something close.  Is it bad of me if I don't follow back?!?!

- I am so glad the women's restrooms have stalls.  After hearing stories about men's rooms, I become more grateful for those little partial walls every day.

- My dad is the best.  I am so glad I was able to spend the day with him yesterday.  Just hanging out with him is AWESOME!

- I got to go on my first Harley ride in what seems like FOREVER on Friday.  It was amazing.  Super fun, and I got to see the sunset.  Super nice!

- Saw a few high school friends this weekend that I haven't seen since... high school.  It was so much fun and we had a blast catching up.

- I'm not sure exactly what goes on at the ex's house sometimes, but my monkeys sure can come home with major attitudes sometimes.  Time for a little chat with the ex?!  Ugh!

- I love my bestie.  She is amazing.  That is all.

Happy Monday all you Monkey Manics.  I am out for the rest of the day.  See you on the flip side.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dad Said...

With Father's Day right around the corner (2 days away, to be exact) I have decided that today's post will be totally focused on dads.  More specifically, your dads.

I posted on both Twitter, and Facebook this week a question for all my favorite peeps.

Here was my question...

Knowing I may use it in a blog post, what is 1 thing your dad said to you that you will never forget?

I had a mixed array of responses, which I was happy about.  I first would like to thank you all for the responses.  Oh, and watch for more questions in the future.

All responses will remain anonymous with the exception of 1.  With the approval of the owner of the response, I will let you all know where you can find the full story.  Also, all responses are written as you wrote them to me, I have not changed anything.  After I post yours, I will tell you mine.  Also, my comments will be in parentheses.

So, without further ado... A post by... YOU!

- When I was 16 he stumbled onto a note I had from school that had been passed back and forth between a few buddies and me.... the note was about a girl i was dating & our "adventures".  All my dad said was "don't go gettin' that girl pregnant."  It's seriously the one and only sex related discussion we ever had.  His one line and me quickly leaving the room.  (For the whole story, please click here.  Seriously, check this guy out... he rocks!)


- That he wouldn't be taking me out to dinner anymore cause I was 12 and couldn't get the child price anymore.  I was heart broken :(

- Wish it was a good memory but when I was 11 or 12 I asked him if he wanted a boy or girl.. his response "I didn't want you at all".

- I eloped my first marriage so at my second wedding my dad walked me down the aisle and while we waited in the hall he told me i looked beautiful, my dads not mushy so that was awesome to hear

- I sat on my Dad's lap and he said "Hey, you're getting pretty chunky," in all seriousness. (in her words... "I proceded to call him a man whore so its all good")

- By (I am assuming it is meant as in goodbye)

- My Dad always told me to pick my battles don't burn bridges you will need later.

- When me and my siblings would fight my dad would make us say "praise the lord" after every mean thing we'd say.  So if i told my sister that she was ugly, I had to say "your ugly... praise the lord" No joke here... Lol!  He also used to tell us when we were naughty... "thats it get in the car, we're going to the orphanage!"

- To work is to be proud.  My grandpa said if your not crashing your not learning.  And a wise old man I knew once told me to learn from the mistakes other people make.  You will never live long enough to make them all yourself.

- "Pray about it." After many teenage sobfests to my mother, my mom would say, "Well, what do YOU think?" to my dad.  He'd glance up from the book he was reading and say, "Pray about it," casually, as if that was the only answer possible.

- "If you are going to do something, do it right the first time." I now say that to my kids. :)

- My dad once told me that I ride my Atv like my hair is on fire.  And he also said he would rather drive his own car than be a passenger in mine, unless it was somewhere close.

- When my wife was pregnant my dad said "if its a boy you have to keep your eye on him.  If its a girl you have to keep an eye on all the other boys."

- My dad always told me if I find one that swallows marry her  (I sometimes wonder where I find my friends... Haha)

- My dad didn't say this, but my uncle with whom I was very close to told me that I could do the worst thing in the world and he would still love me.  That really meant the world to me because I really looked up to him!

Now I guess it is my turn.  I remember as a child my dad telling us that he was gonna put 2 of his kids up for adoption... when we asked who, he said it was the 2 named I Don't Know and Not Me.  He was tired of them causing all the mischief.

My favorite line from my dad, and I will NEVER forget this... "No matter what happens... you always come home."  This is me getting all mushy...

I want to thank you all again for your participation.  You all truly do Rock, and I love all of you Monkey Manics.

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing daddy's out there, you all deserve the best, not just on Father's Day, but every day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Today I will post a picture from the past.  Be it yesterday, or 25 years ago (yes, I know... I don't look a day over 21, but....).  Once the picture is posted, I will attempt to tell you when it was taken, who is in it, and a little about that time in our lives.  Are you ready for the first round of Throwback Thursdays?

Here we go...

Ahhh, the past is such a funny, funny thing.  This picture was taken when I was roughly... 14 or 15 years old... so half my life ago.  Ha.  In it you will see (from left to right) 2 men that I don't know, my aunt Sue, my baby sisters head, me and a lady that worked at the place we were visiting.

If I remember correctly, we had been camping down south, and on our way home we stopped to visit a historical site named Cove Fort.  I tend to remember the visit there being... alright, at best.  As you can see from the look on my face, I was not having the time of my life, and my mom would not STOP snapping pictures.  At least that's how I remember it.

At this point, I am pretty sure I wanted to just get home and get cleaned up.  And go be with my friends, because that's all I ever wanted to do.  I do remember having a lot of fun... on the camping trip.  And parts of this tour weren't too bad either, but my mom had the ability to catch me at my... apparently... high point.

That's that... I hope you all enjoyed.

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we will be paying tribute to fathers for Father's Day weekend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Evil Words

I am going to admit something to you all today.  In my vocabulary, the words diet and exercise are pure evil.  Not because I don't like doing them... I do.  I just hate that I have to.  That's all really.

Not to mention, neither one is what I would call... easy, for me.  Be it lack of motivation, or just the fact that I love chocolate and hate running.

This picture says a lot about me.  I hate how I look when I go to the gym.  I am the kind of girl who likes to look and feel pretty.  Do my hair nice, put on some comfy, yet stylish clothes.  Make-up.  The whole nine yards... as they say.

I do not like throwing on sweats, hair half-assed, no make-up and going out in public.  I do not believe that this is acceptable (however, I have been known to do so, once or twice... in an emergency).  For me.  Some people can really pull off this look, and I give them plenty of kudos... but not me.  No way.

Can I also just say, that I do not like being in pain for 2 days after going to the gym.  Don't get me wrong, I know that it is a good pain, and I should be happy I was pushing myself, but I am a big wimp.

As far as dieting... I know it's a good thing.  I like to consider myself a pretty healthy eater.  I like fruits, veggies and all the other healthy stuff.  I do my best to stay away from greasy, fried foods, and am not much of a sweets person.  However, I do love chocolate.  Peanut M & M's are a huge weakness of mine.

While I do not eat chocolate every day, and really try to limit myself, there are times where I could totally "go to town" on a bag of peanut M & M's.  This would be the reason I buy only single servings of them... now.

Overall, I am a pretty healthy gal, if I do say so.  I eat healthy, and as a result, my monkeys eat healthy.  I get outside and get moving, taking walks and such.  As a result, my monkeys get outside and get moving.  I feel that I am teaching them important values when it comes to diet and exercise... for the most part.

I do think, however, that I could push myself harder.  I want my monkeys to see that I am putting forth an effort to be and stay healthy.  I want them to see motivation from me.  I want them, in turn, to have motivation and a desire to be the healthiest they can be.

I am working on this.  Gotta find my groove, but I will get there.

How do you teach your kids about this stuff?  Do you find it easy to diet and exercise, and if so... how?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Running On Empty

I need to apologize in advance, I am truly running on no power today.  In fact, this post is brought to you by my cup of coffee, rather than by me.

For some odd reason, unknown even to me, I have been having a very hard time sleeping the last few days.  Okay, truth be told... I always have a hard time sleeping, but the last 2 nights have been truly miserable.

2-3 hours of sleep is no where enough to get me through a full day of work, and full time Mommy time after work.  I feel super drained.

Let's rewind for a minute, and I can explain to you all what happened that I think may be playing a little part in my sleep problems.

Almost 12 years ago now, I lost a man very near and dear to my heart.  I loved my Grandpa P. so much.  We had a special relationship, and evil cancer took him from us.

I have always kept Grandpa in my heart and in my thoughts.  He has a special place that no one can take away from him.  He was fun, happy all the time, loved root beer floats and one of my few heroes.

A few days back, I was browsing FB, and out of nowhere, I see my Grandpa's face.  A picture of him that someone had tagged my sister in.  I lost it.  The tears came, and I had no control over my emotions at that point.

Grandpa P.
My Grandpa was a true man.  Family came first to him... always.  He worked even after retirement to make sure that family never went without.  He was always smiling, as you can see in this picture, and mind you, he was very sick here.

I know my Grandpa is with me every minute of every day.  I love knowing that I have a very special guardian angel watching out for me, and I couldn't pick a better one.

Ever since his face showed up on my FB, I cannot sleep.  My mind races a million miles a minute.  I think about life and how we need to make the most of everyday we have with the people we have and love.  I think about the things that I am doing to make the best life possible for my Monkeys and I.  I think about my past, all the good memories I have shared with family and friends.  And behind all these thoughts, I know that Grandpa P. is there.

Don't get me wrong, these are thoughts that I have on a regular basis, but not to this extreme.

Grandpa, I love you and miss you every single day.  Stay with me, but please... let me sleep too.  Hugs and kisses always.

Tonight, we try Melatonin.  Wish me luck.

Tomorrow's post will not be such a sad one, so make sure to come back.

Happy Tuesday, now go out there and make the most of it, you Monkey Manics, you.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone.  It is time for Monday Musings.  This is a little segment where I will allow you into my brain for a bit.  You will get to see some of the randomness that goes through my head.

I will start off sharing my musings with you, and then it will be your turn... in the comments.

Without further ado... welcome to my head

- Hot tubs... I may have an addiction.  I love them, too much.

- Brother Monkey is in the phase where everything he says is a question... I am not gonna lie, sometimes it drives me absolutely CRAZY!

- Too many kids I know were in the Children's Hospital this weekend.  Nothing like a weekend full of worrying for the people you care about.  It seems they are all doing well, or as well as they can.  Get better little Monkeys.

- Karma is a bitch, but only if you are.  I saw some posts on FB recently that really made me realize that I am grateful that I am a decent person.  I do NOT want to find out what some of these people have coming for them.

- Wine is good.  More wine is fabulous.  Too much wine, and well... we all know where this is going.  It was fun though. Ha.

- Father's Day is coming up.  I can't stop thinking about it.  What am I to get the man that has been the biggest influence in my life, and yet has everything he wants?!  A tie is most certainly out of the question.  For the men out there... ideas?!

- I will never, and by never, I mean NEVER fully understand Twitter.  Why must it be so confusing... or better yet, why must I be so technologically retarded?  That is the better question.

- I need a vacation... more than ever.  I truly think that half the time my brain is going to explode.  I want some me time.  Time where I don't have to think.  Time when time doesn't matter.

- My ankle still hurts.  I am not sure what to do.  It is not bruised and there is no swelling.  I just want the pain gone.  Ouch.

That is it for this Monday.  Now I would love to hear what your thoughts are.  Please share, remember... it's what your mother taught you to do.  Ha.

Happy Monday Monkey Manics.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Online Dating... Oh, The Terror

Online Dating... What is it about this little gem that people love so much?

I will admit, I am terrified of these sites and the people that use them.  I have always had a fear of strangers and what they are capable of doing to little ol' me.

Not to mention, I am sure that a good majority of the people that use these sites have lied about at least one thing on their profile.  How is anyone really to know, right?!

I don't like liars, and I certainly don't like scary people.  Plus, you never really know who will turn out to be a creeper... and I am not about to go through that whole charade again.

So, I ask again, what is the big hoop-dee all about?  Have any of you used them?

I recently had the question posed to me... Why don't you try an online dating site?  Really?!  Do I look that desperate for a relationship?!  Because I am sooooo not.  Although, on a side note, how bad would this person feel if I ended up hurt, or (God forbid) murdered from some creep on one of these sites?!  Just a thought.

I have to admit though, I have heard some great love stories that have started on these sites, and that... to me... is priceless.  I am very happy for these people, and wish them all the happiness in the world, and a lifetime of love.

I, however, no matter how much I think about it, cannot bring myself to do it.  Maybe I am old fashioned and I like the whole flirting in person.  Being asked out on a date in person.  Seeing how handsome they really are before I say "Yes, coffee sounds great" (although, coffee always sounds great, and even better with a hottie tottie, but I digress).

Maybe it is that I want to really get to know someone first, and on a friend level.  I am a firm believer that your lover should also be your best friend (besides you Kristi... no one will ever take your place... Just sayin').

Maybe it is that we, as a society, have put it in girls minds that all men want is a "piece of ass".  Am I fearful that some man is just gonna wanna buy me coffee and then expect a good romp in the sheets right after?!  Yes, and I am so not that girl!  Don't worry men, I am very aware that this does not describe all of you, and thank God for those of you that don't fall into this mold... You are the true men!

Maybe it is because of my monkeys.  I am very aware and cautious of who I bring into their lives, as I firmly believe I should be.  They are my world, and I won't allow just any stranger near them.

Maybe I am secretly afraid, and by secretly I mean in no way secretly, that I will meet a nice guy, and he will hate me... not cool.  I am not speaking to the extent of the picture above, but still.  I feel that if I have met the man in person, he knows whether he has a real interest in me or not.  He has seen the real me, talked to the real me, and has learned about the real me.

I can tell you this... as I type this, and the more I think about all of this, the more scared I get of these sites.  I am pretty sure this post has just sealed the deal.  I will never be able to do it.  However, if you are a hottie tottie, and would like to get to know me... Let's meet up.  Haha.

So there it is.  My online dating rant.  What do you think of online dating?  Have you ever tried it?  How did that work out?

On a side note, there is something wrong with my ankle.  It hurts every time I walk on it... but only when I am not in my "tall shoes".  Maybe I shouldn't wear heels so often?!  Who knows..... Still... Ouch!

Love you Monkey Manics.  Have an amazing Friday.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What Are You Grateful For?

I am growing.  Not physically, which is why I wear a lot of heels, or as I call them... tall shoes.  But in every other aspect of my life.

Today I want to show some gratitude for all the people and life experiences that have helped me grow into the person I am today.

First off, as a mommy, I am so grateful for my parents and all the parents that have shown me that we're not all perfect (hell, none of us are when it comes to parenting), but we learn from our mistakes.  I have realized through certain people and experiences that it is okay to make mistakes, learn from them.  As long as your kids are happy, healthy and getting what they need, that is what is most important.

Next, as a single woman/mom, I am grateful for past relationships.  If nothing else you have all shown me what I don't want, and a little of what I do want.  We can learn so much from past relationships... if we want to.  You all have also shown me that being alone is okay too.  While it may not be what I ultimately want, it is OKAY!

For my kids, I am grateful for their dad.  That was hard to type... Just sayin'.  Regardless of my personal relationship with him, or any past incidents between the 2 of us, he is still a great dad to them.  While we may not always agree on parenting styles or the like, our kids are AMAZING.  And that is because of the both of us.

As a blogger, I am super duper grateful for all of you that read my crazy ramblings.  You truly are awesome.  Blogging is my outlet and my safe place.  I know it looks weird saying this as this blog is new, but for those of you that read my old blog, you will know that I have been around for a while.  Over 15,000 page views, over 200 posts, and over 140 followers.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  My goal is to do even better with this one, and you can all help out.  Share the Monkey love all, share it!

Last but not least for today, I am grateful for all of my family and friends who support me in more ways than they will ever know.  You are all my rock.  No matter where I go, I will always take you with me.  I love you all to pieces.

Now, I want to hear what you are all grateful for today.  Please share in the comments section.

Love you Monkey Manics!

We're Back

Photo found here
Okay, Monkey Manics, we are back.  After some crazy goings on with our other blog, we have unfortunately had to move.  This makes me very sad as I had done a lot of work and put a lot of effort into every post on there.  But, alas, this is where I am now.

I hope that you will all continue to follow along and play with us as we start this new blogging adventure. Who knows, maybe we'll kick it up a notch here... in which sense even I am unsure of still.  No worries, though, we'll get it figured out.

Everyone jump on this crazy train with us, and let's get things rolling again.

You can find a little background info in the Roll Call page above about your favorite Monkeys.

Remember to please be patient with me as I get things all put together again... Yours truly is pretty computer retarded and I have to remember how to do all of this again.  Sigh!

Love all of you!