Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brother Monkey Highlight

I am a little worried about doing this post.  Last week we did a highlight of Sister Monkey and that very same day had to rush her to the emergency room for an injury that she is still recovering from.  However, I do not feel that the post contributed... so we are going to do this anyway.

Brother Monkey (a.k.a Dallon, buggy and dude) is 10 years old.  As I have mentioned before, he loves to climb on everything.  He still hasn't quite figured out just which trees or branches are safe yet, as he is getting bigger, but we are working on it, and who knows?!  Maybe someday he will get it.

He hates school.  He is very smart and learns things easily.  He always gets good grades, but still... does not like school... at all.

Brother Monkey has been diagnosed with ADHD.  Between his father and I we choose not to medicate.  He has had some counseling, and is doing pretty well since.

He hates doing anything that he has to do.  Showers, homework, getting up in the morning, going to bed, chores... and the list goes on.  He is the kind of kid that wants to live life his way and on his terms... we are working on this also.

He is/always has been one of the "cool" kids.  He is very good at making friends... when he wants to.  He always wants to wear the cool clothes, have the cool hairstyles and is always asking me "is this cool, mommy?"

He loves to be part of "the boys".  Always being around myself and his sissy, makes it so that anytime a man or older boy is around... he will follow them like a puppy dog.  He wants to be a part of whatever they are doing.  He wants to help if things are being fixed.  He wants to play video games with them if that's what they're doing.  He makes them his role models.

He loves pizza.  He could eat it for every meal... if I'd let him.  He also loves fruit... specifically watermelon and strawberries.  He recently found out that he likes apricots as well.

Brother Monkey was born weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz.  He was 21 1/2" long.  I had once again given birth to a toothpick baby.  He is still pretty tall (although I think it will really catch up to him in his teen years) and is still stick thin.

He loves to work out.  Exercise and lifting weights are 2 of his favorite activities.  I am always in the know of whether he has a 2, 4 or 6 pack.  Always in the know.

He loves his dad, and (in my opinion) would benefit greatly if he had a little more time with him.  He loves me too, don't get me wrong, but I am the mom... the one who gets to do all the mean stuff... chores, showers and the like.  He loves his sissy and it shows immensely when she is hurting.  He also has a new baby brother... his first brother (he has 3 sisters) and he is so excited to have him, and loves him so much.

If I had to pick just one attribute about this boy that I love more than any other... it would be the way his blond hair and brown eyes compliment each other perfectly.

I love this little man way too much, but that's what us mommy's do.  I gave him life, and he (and his sissy) give me a reason to live.

 If you had to pick one attribute about your child/children that you loved most... what would it be?

Happy Tuesday Monkey Manics.


  1. Wonderful quote...'I gave him life, and he (and his sissy) give me a reason to live.'

    Hmm, I guess my favourite attribute regarding Maddy is...her ability to fall asleep quickly. That way, daddy gets to have his downtime watching sports!

    Maybe not...but it is a pretty good one and waaay up there :)

    My favourite thing would have to be her compassion towards anything that lives and breathes. And I mean anything! Even those those rats with wings who fly above us each and every day...birds, I think they call them!

    I sometimes don't share her compassion...but wish I did! I'm learning I guess :)

    Keep rolling monkey-roller and sorry I haven't visited you as of late. There's been a bit going on...and I'm looking forward to the weekend :)

    Be safe...you and yours!

    1. Yes, another thing I can agree with you on. My monkeys have the same compassion for all living things. I try to follow in their footsteps.

      I hope you have an amazing weekend. :)