Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Most Hated

Today is kind of a special day... okay, not really, but it's fun to pretend.  I am going to let you Monkey Manics in on the thing that I hate the most.  Are you excited yet?!  You should be...

As parents, we do (or should do) everything we can to protect our children, while still allowing them to be children and exposing them to the world... to an extent.  I am one of these parents.  My kids go to a public school.  They play outside with their friends.  I have them try new foods all the time and the list goes on.  They definitely get "exposure".  However, I also do what I can to prevent them from illness, injury and the cruelties of the world.  I am only one person, I can only do so much.

As you may have read in yesterday's post, one week ago today Sister Monkey got to pay a visit to the Emergency Room.

There you have it, the thing I hate the most.  Hospitals... especially if I am there for one of my monkeys.

Here is a little run down of the monkeys visits to various hospitals, starting with the most recent.

Last Wednesday, Sister Monkey decided to ride her scooter barefoot and soaking wet. She was in the middle of the road and took a horrible fall.  Mind you, I had no idea.  The monkeys were at their dads, I was at work.  Imagine, I am sitting at work, the dreaded ex calls and so ensues this convo:
Me: Hello
Ex: I need your insurance info
Me: Ummm... Can I ask why?!
Ex: Because I am taking Emily to the ER, just text me your insurance info.
Me: Excuse me... Why are you taking her to the ER.  What happened?!
Ex: She fell, I think her leg is broken.
Me: WHAT?!?!?! What hospital?  I will meet you there.
Ex: No, it's fine, just text me your info.
Me: (extremely frustrated at this point) I WILL MEET YOU THERE, UNLESS YOU'VE FORGOTTEN... THIS IS MY DAUGHTER TOO.
Ex: Fine, (names hospital) but we'll get there first... text me the info.
Me: Bye!
I left work early, headed to the hospital, and the picture above shows what I saw when I got there.  X-rays were done, and luckily nothing was broken.  She was given crutches and allowed to go home.  She is able to walk now.  Her knees are looking way better, but the lower wound on her right leg is still very sore, and pretty bad.  She still has a very swollen foot and a lot of pain.  She may be going back in soon.

Here are both of my monkeys in the ER for severe dehydration.  Sister about 2 years ago, and Brother about 2 months ago.  Sad little monkey faces.  These were pretty scary trips.

There is nothing more awful than seeing your child almost completely helpless and not knowing what is wrong with them.  They can't move much.  Won't talk to you, or even smile.  They can't keep anything down and have a bucket with them at all times because they can't make it to a toilet when the nothing that they've eaten decides to come back up.

Luckily both visits were a success.  Got fluid and some meds in them and they left in better spirits.

Both monkeys have paid visits to the children's hospital as well... Sister when she was 2, because she was not gaining weight and was at the same weight as her 1 year check-up.  And again at age 9 for a very weird rash on her face.  Brother at 11 days old because he could not keep anything down, after numerous tests and 3 prescriptions later, we have his dad to thank for giving him acid reflux.  And again at 1 1/2 for a very rare heart murmur which thankfully he has grown out of.

There it is... the run down of our hospital visits (excluding myself).  This is what I absolutely hate the most.  Seeing my monkeys hurting or sick breaks my heart more than anything in this world ever could.

What is the one thing that has scared you the most in regards to your child/children?

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!


  1. Hospitals are the worst.
    I do admit, with Emry it was when he was little (Oh jeez, LITTLE-R, he's still little, he's 5 for Goodness sake) and he had back to back double ear infections that came with 103 fevers. This went from 6 months to a year.

    Nonstop anti-biotics.
    Finally when he hit the year point, he was allowed to get tubes in his ears.

    But, those 6 months. Were awful.
    I felt so helpless.

    1. It is so hard as a parent to feel helpless. All we want is to take it away. I understand where you are coming from. I am glad he is doing much better.

  2. Simple...choking, drowning and heights (like bridges or tall buildings)!

    If I even consider any of these, I get the chills and have to go to my happy place in my wash the thoughts away. Horrible!!!

    Hospitals are no good either...but in saying that it SHOULD be a happy place. It's where you gave birth to your children (am guessing here)...and it's the place where you get treatment for bad stuff that has happened in the outside world. So in theory, everything OUTSIDE of the hospital should be what we hate most :)

    1. YOU are so smart... and make a very good point. Thanks to you, I have to re-write the whole post... Sigh. ;)

      Everything you listed at the beginning of your comment... DITTO! Ugh, ugh, ugh!!!