Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Evil Words

I am going to admit something to you all today.  In my vocabulary, the words diet and exercise are pure evil.  Not because I don't like doing them... I do.  I just hate that I have to.  That's all really.

Not to mention, neither one is what I would call... easy, for me.  Be it lack of motivation, or just the fact that I love chocolate and hate running.

This picture says a lot about me.  I hate how I look when I go to the gym.  I am the kind of girl who likes to look and feel pretty.  Do my hair nice, put on some comfy, yet stylish clothes.  Make-up.  The whole nine yards... as they say.

I do not like throwing on sweats, hair half-assed, no make-up and going out in public.  I do not believe that this is acceptable (however, I have been known to do so, once or twice... in an emergency).  For me.  Some people can really pull off this look, and I give them plenty of kudos... but not me.  No way.

Can I also just say, that I do not like being in pain for 2 days after going to the gym.  Don't get me wrong, I know that it is a good pain, and I should be happy I was pushing myself, but I am a big wimp.

As far as dieting... I know it's a good thing.  I like to consider myself a pretty healthy eater.  I like fruits, veggies and all the other healthy stuff.  I do my best to stay away from greasy, fried foods, and am not much of a sweets person.  However, I do love chocolate.  Peanut M & M's are a huge weakness of mine.

While I do not eat chocolate every day, and really try to limit myself, there are times where I could totally "go to town" on a bag of peanut M & M's.  This would be the reason I buy only single servings of them... now.

Overall, I am a pretty healthy gal, if I do say so.  I eat healthy, and as a result, my monkeys eat healthy.  I get outside and get moving, taking walks and such.  As a result, my monkeys get outside and get moving.  I feel that I am teaching them important values when it comes to diet and exercise... for the most part.

I do think, however, that I could push myself harder.  I want my monkeys to see that I am putting forth an effort to be and stay healthy.  I want them to see motivation from me.  I want them, in turn, to have motivation and a desire to be the healthiest they can be.

I am working on this.  Gotta find my groove, but I will get there.

How do you teach your kids about this stuff?  Do you find it easy to diet and exercise, and if so... how?



    I don't eat completely healthy or unhealthy.. I'm in the middle of that spectrum.
    I try to exercise as much as possible.

    But I need to push harder.

  2. When it comes to exercise I have the perfect companion, my daughter...she keeps me in shape with all the running about after her! I am like everyone else here I assume...I should, I could, I would...but I don't!
    This is a negative post MM, isn't it, designed to get your readers to feel bad? Well you succeeded successfully succinctly!

    1. I never meant to make anyone feel bad... except maybe myself. Ha. Sorry if I did.

      Kids are good for keeping us up and about... that's for sure.

  3. I have a weakness for chocolate. I eat it every day, sadly. I do own an exercise bike and make sure I get my butt on it for 30 minutes each day, though sometimes it is a struggle.

    1. That is good. I feel guilty if I have too much chocolate, but every once in a while is okay, I suppose.

      I would love to get some exercise equipment at home... one of the many things on my list.

      Thank you for sharing. :)