Friday, June 8, 2012

Online Dating... Oh, The Terror

Online Dating... What is it about this little gem that people love so much?

I will admit, I am terrified of these sites and the people that use them.  I have always had a fear of strangers and what they are capable of doing to little ol' me.

Not to mention, I am sure that a good majority of the people that use these sites have lied about at least one thing on their profile.  How is anyone really to know, right?!

I don't like liars, and I certainly don't like scary people.  Plus, you never really know who will turn out to be a creeper... and I am not about to go through that whole charade again.

So, I ask again, what is the big hoop-dee all about?  Have any of you used them?

I recently had the question posed to me... Why don't you try an online dating site?  Really?!  Do I look that desperate for a relationship?!  Because I am sooooo not.  Although, on a side note, how bad would this person feel if I ended up hurt, or (God forbid) murdered from some creep on one of these sites?!  Just a thought.

I have to admit though, I have heard some great love stories that have started on these sites, and that... to me... is priceless.  I am very happy for these people, and wish them all the happiness in the world, and a lifetime of love.

I, however, no matter how much I think about it, cannot bring myself to do it.  Maybe I am old fashioned and I like the whole flirting in person.  Being asked out on a date in person.  Seeing how handsome they really are before I say "Yes, coffee sounds great" (although, coffee always sounds great, and even better with a hottie tottie, but I digress).

Maybe it is that I want to really get to know someone first, and on a friend level.  I am a firm believer that your lover should also be your best friend (besides you Kristi... no one will ever take your place... Just sayin').

Maybe it is that we, as a society, have put it in girls minds that all men want is a "piece of ass".  Am I fearful that some man is just gonna wanna buy me coffee and then expect a good romp in the sheets right after?!  Yes, and I am so not that girl!  Don't worry men, I am very aware that this does not describe all of you, and thank God for those of you that don't fall into this mold... You are the true men!

Maybe it is because of my monkeys.  I am very aware and cautious of who I bring into their lives, as I firmly believe I should be.  They are my world, and I won't allow just any stranger near them.

Maybe I am secretly afraid, and by secretly I mean in no way secretly, that I will meet a nice guy, and he will hate me... not cool.  I am not speaking to the extent of the picture above, but still.  I feel that if I have met the man in person, he knows whether he has a real interest in me or not.  He has seen the real me, talked to the real me, and has learned about the real me.

I can tell you this... as I type this, and the more I think about all of this, the more scared I get of these sites.  I am pretty sure this post has just sealed the deal.  I will never be able to do it.  However, if you are a hottie tottie, and would like to get to know me... Let's meet up.  Haha.

So there it is.  My online dating rant.  What do you think of online dating?  Have you ever tried it?  How did that work out?

On a side note, there is something wrong with my ankle.  It hurts every time I walk on it... but only when I am not in my "tall shoes".  Maybe I shouldn't wear heels so often?!  Who knows..... Still... Ouch!

Love you Monkey Manics.  Have an amazing Friday.


  1. Good topic!!! :)
    I've tried it twice...and got two 'pieces of ass' from it...your word for it, not mine :)))
    The first relationship lasted for 7 years (Maddys mum) and the second lasted for 4 years.
    So do they work? Yes, I believe they do! Am I currently on such a site? No way! Would I use one in the future? Not for a looong time!
    So MM, if you're not up to anything tomorrow, I'll be having a cup of coffee at that charming cafe by the river in the old town in Stockholm. Pop by if you wish and I'll treat you to an espresso...
    Does that count as a creepy-dating-sitey-flirty-thingy? :))
    Keep on rollin'...

    1. You are too funny. I am glad it worked for you. I suppose I am allowing my fears to stand in my way... sigh.

      That espresso is sounding very yummy. I am tempted to jump on the next plane out of here. I would love any excuse to visit Sweden anyway, so..... :)

      P.S. You don't creep me out. Haha!

  2. Couldn't have anything to do with your last experience meeting someone on the web (not a dating website), could it? If it is, I totally don't blame you. BTW, you can have two best friends ya know?! Just sayin...

    1. It could have a little something to do with that also... Ugh!