Thursday, June 14, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Today I will post a picture from the past.  Be it yesterday, or 25 years ago (yes, I know... I don't look a day over 21, but....).  Once the picture is posted, I will attempt to tell you when it was taken, who is in it, and a little about that time in our lives.  Are you ready for the first round of Throwback Thursdays?

Here we go...

Ahhh, the past is such a funny, funny thing.  This picture was taken when I was roughly... 14 or 15 years old... so half my life ago.  Ha.  In it you will see (from left to right) 2 men that I don't know, my aunt Sue, my baby sisters head, me and a lady that worked at the place we were visiting.

If I remember correctly, we had been camping down south, and on our way home we stopped to visit a historical site named Cove Fort.  I tend to remember the visit there being... alright, at best.  As you can see from the look on my face, I was not having the time of my life, and my mom would not STOP snapping pictures.  At least that's how I remember it.

At this point, I am pretty sure I wanted to just get home and get cleaned up.  And go be with my friends, because that's all I ever wanted to do.  I do remember having a lot of fun... on the camping trip.  And parts of this tour weren't too bad either, but my mom had the ability to catch me at my... apparently... high point.

That's that... I hope you all enjoyed.

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we will be paying tribute to fathers for Father's Day weekend.


  1. I like the idea of Throwback Thursdays. In my line of work however, that would mean dodgy financial back-handers being exchanged down the proverbial back-alley!
    Wonderful little pic and a cool explanation to go with it. But what's with the face sullen!!! I know, you wanted to go be with your friends...but you gotta give a little to get a little. Shame on you :)
    Keep on rollin'...I like your blogs!!!

    1. Haha. Don't you shame me. I was dirty and wanted a shower. Not to mention... I am not a big history buff, so this wasn't really exciting to me... at all.

      Thanks so much... you keep on rockin'. :)

  2. I love looking at old photos! I think my kids will have a few photos like this since I am always the one who insists on "just one more picture" lol.

    1. Yes, I now do it to my kids as well. Even knowing how I felt when my mom did it. Ha!