Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 30: A Photo and 5 Good Things That Happened During This Challenge

First let me start off by saying that I am sorry for the lack of posts this week... It has been a super crazy one.  But more to come on that tomorrow.

Today is the last day of the challenge... and can I just say WOO HOO?!?!

Today I am supposed to post a picture and tell you 5 good things that happened during this challenge.  I will be honest and say that I am supposed to post of pic of myself... today.  How I look at this very moment.  I will also be honest and tell you that it is not going to happen.  Why?!  Because I am ill.  I have HUGE circles under my eyes, and I look like death today.  No joke.  So, we will repost a pic, that I would look exactly like, had I been feeling well today.

Now, I know you have all seen it before, and probably even during this challenge (I am unsure as I am too lazy to look back through them all at the moment), but I still look like this.  It's true.

Onto the next part.  5 good things that have happened.

1 - I have not had to think too much about what subject to post about for the last 30 posts.

2 - The kids have started back to school.

3 - I have almost finished reading the Harry Potter series for the bajillionth time.

4 - I have had some dealings with men that has reminded me again that I am okay with being alone.  (Yes, this is a good thing)

5 - The weather has been awesome here.

There you have it.  I hope you all enjoyed the challenge as much as I did.  However, I am also very happy to be done with it.

Are you excited we're done?

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 29: Three Confessions

What a subject for a Friday, huh?  I get to make three confessions to you all.  Hmmm... Now I just have to figure out what ones I want to lay on ya.

Photo found here

I have actually thought about this post a lot this week, and am still stumped as to what I want to confess to you all.  That, my monkey friends, is pretty sad.  So, I will attempt to make this an interesting post, and if it's not... oh well, I am sure you will all still love me in the end.  Ha.

First confession:  I have actually cried myself to sleep.  And recently.  I think that being overwhelmed as a working single mom is finally starting to get to me.  Having to do things all on my own in regards to the monkeys is wearing on me.  Don't get me wrong... I love my monkeys and will do anything I need to do to make sure they are taken care of and have all they need, but sometimes I just cry about it.

Second confession:  I have a sick addiction to caffeine.  I am not joking.  The good news is that I know that I have a problem.  However, I don't see this addiction ceasing any time soon.

Third confession:  I allow my ex to walk all over me.  Not willingly, might I add?!  This will be explained in an upcoming blog post, but for now, it is a confession.

There you have it.  Not too exciting, in my opinion, but 3 confessions nonetheless.

Do you have a confession to make?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend all you crazy Monkey Manics!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 28: What Stresses Me Out

Photo found here

Stress... one thing that I dislike very much.  I am not great with handling stressful situations... at all.

So, this is not an easy post for me.  I am not a fan of talking about the things that stress me out, and don't like to dwell on them much.  But, for this purpose, we will dive in a little.

Here is a small list of things that have been known to stress this mommy monkey out...

- My ex... 'nuff said

- My job.  Not every day, but a lot of days.

- Car problems.  I know nothing about cars, other than how to drive them, so when something goes wrong... I stress.

- Money problems.  When this comes up, I stress, and sometimes to the point that I end up making myself sick.  This... I am working on.

- When my kids don't listen.  'Nuff said.

- Negative people.  I am an optimist.  I do not like those that push their negativity on others, or are just so negative that being around them brings others down.  Gah!

That's all I have for now.  I'm sure I could add more, but I am not running on a full tank today, and can't think too well.  Ha.

What is your main stress trigger?

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 27: Photo of my city and what's great about it

A photo of my city...

Photo found here

For those of you that don't know, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Well... technically, in a small town just outside of S.L.C., but really, there's no need for technicalities at this point.  Ha.

This is a photo of the skyline of good ol' Salt Lake, with the beautiful scenery around it that I get to enjoy on a daily basis.  I will admit... I love, love, LOVE our mountains and our scenery here.  However... I hate, hate, HATE the snow.

Most people have heard that Salt Lake/Utah is known for the greatest snow on earth.  We are one of the biggest states for skiing.

We held the winter Olympics here in 2002, one of the craziest, yet exciting, winters we have had.

I believe this is one of the few states that you can be here a week and witness every season during your stay.  And that is no joke.

I love the summers here.  There is so much recreation and beauty to experience, that you may never truly get bored.

This is where I was born and raised.  I love it... most of the time.  Not a fan of the bitter winters, but for the most part, Salt Lake City is awesome.

Want to know more?!  Just ask.

What is one great thing about your city?

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 26: My Dream Wedding

Today's challenge is quite the interesting one.  My dream wedding...... hmmm....

You see, I am not like the type of girl that grew up planning out my dream wedding or my family or any of that.  I did not pick names for my kids and give them to my dolls.  I did not wear a sheet pretending that it was a wedding dress.

Photo found here

You see, my perfect wedding could be anything, depending on the man I marry.  I have thought of a few different options that I would love, say, a beach wedding, a big to-do wedding, a simple ceremony in Vegas performed by Elvis.  It all sounds great.

Not having a man in my life right now and being no where close to marriage, makes it a little difficult for me to say which wedding I would most love to have.

The one thing I can say that would, I suppose, classify as my dream wedding... All of my family and my closest friends will be there to celebrate with me.  There will be no "line" for others to walk through and shake hands.  It will be a time to play, celebrate and have fun and that is exactly what we will do.

So... if it ever happens, I invite all of you to celebrate with me as well.

Please, tell me... what is one thing that would make/did make your wedding perfect?!

Happy Tuesday Monkey Manics!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 25: Something I Am Looking Forward To

Day 25, and this subject is not an easy one for me... especially on a Monday.  I could definitely go on about all the things I am not looking forward to.  That... I would have no problem with, what so ever.

What I am looking forward to is a whole different story.

Photo found here

Let's see....

I am looking forward to going swimming this weekend with the monkeys, some family and (hopefully) some great friends at a wave pool that I haven't been to since I was the monkeys ages.

I am looking forward to seeing where new business ventures get me and the monkeys in the near future.

I am looking forward to having a great week.

I am looking forward to the monkeys starting a new school year next week, I love new adventures, and love watching my kids have them as well.

I am looking forward to getting Monday over with.  Ha.

I am looking forward to the future... seeing what amazing people my monkeys grow up to be (and no... this is not me wishing away the time... trust me).

I am looking forward to paying off my car soon.  Always love having one less bill.

I am looking forward to fall... but not winter.

I am looking forward... in general!  New experiences, new friends and new everything.  No looking back for this mommy monkey!

What is one thing you are looking forward to?

Happy Monday Monkey Manics!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 24: Something I've Learned

Well, we have made it to yet another Friday, and we all know how this mommy monkey feels about Fridays.  It is time to celebrate this weekend.  Sister monkey is finally registered for Junior High (eeek) and now all we need are a couple new clothing items and some school supplies.

But, enough about that.  On to todays challenge.

Photo found here

Something I have learned, huh?!  Well, to be honest, this list could go on for days.  Just like the many others.  I have learned so much.

The one thing that I will share with all of you today, however, is a little different.

If there is one thing in my life that I have learned that I will carry with myself for the rest of my life, it is this...

Never stop learning!

We will never know it all.  But each experience we have... is a learning experience.  We can teach ourselves much more than anyone else can teach us.  By learning from everything we see and everything we do.  This is a tool that will get us a lot farther along in life than many other things... At least, I believe this.

What is one thing you have learned?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend Monkey Manics!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 23: Movies I Quote The Most

Well, today's challenge is really a very easy one for me.  Especially as there is really only one movie that I quote quite consistently.

I do like to quote things that I see or hear.  My 2 favorite comedians... why yes... I can be heard quoting bits and pieces from them all the time.  But when it comes to movies, I can only think of one...

Photo found here

Yes, this is my all time favorite Christmas movie, but it is also one that I can watch year round.  I love, love, LOVE this movie.

Bestie monkey and I like to post quotes from this movie on each others FB pages.  We are both Elf addicts. We quote it all winter long, and sometimes in the summer.

All I can say is... when you find a movie this awesome, you must quote it often.

What movie do you quote the most?

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 22: What I Want My Future To Be Like

Hey Monkey Manics!  It is a nice (mostly) sunny day today and I am feeling good.  Yes, I am a happy girl today.  Sister monkey is registering for Junior High today and she is soooo nervous.  It doesn't matter what I say to her, her nerves do not seem to calm down.  I, however, am excited for her to start this new chapter of her life.  I am not excited she is old enough to do so, though.

Anyway, on to today's challenge.  What do I want my future to be like?!

Photo found here

I could go with the standard answers and say that I want to be rich.  Live in a big house.  Drive a fancy car or 2.  Pay for everything with cash.  And, as we all know, the list goes on and on.  Trust me, I would be lying if I said I didn't want all of that.

I am one who knows, however, that my future depends on my now.  I have to make the decisions necessary to get the future I want.  While my focus is not (at the moment) on big houses and fancy cars, I do keep those in mind.

Right now my focus is in many other areas.

My monkeys:  I want them to grow up very smart and to be stand up members of society.  I focus so much on them.  I want them to have an amazing future.  Which in turn, will make mine amazing.

My family:  I do focus on my family.  Why?! Because they are a major part of my present and I want them to be a major part of my future.  I love them.

My friends:  I could focus on getting rich and buying fancy things, but where would I leave my friends in all of that.  I focus on my relationships with them, and keeping those relationships strong, so that we can be in each others lives always.

My job:  Like most people, I am not a fan of having a job.  I do, however, put a lot into my job.  I know that this is a very important part of me and the monkeys lives and it could be a big part of our future.  I do not half ass.

These are my 4 main focus' as of lately, and probably will continue to be so for quite a while.  In the end, though, I just want to be happy.  I want all my loved ones to be happy.  Whatever that entails, I am good with it.

What is something you want for your future?

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 21: Something I Am Proud Of

Winding down on this 30 day challenge, my friends, and I am actually quite happy about it.  I will admit though, I have had some fun with this.

Today I will tell you something (or things) that I am proud of.  I have to say, during the course of my life, I could choose so very many things to be proud of.  There have been a lot of things that I have accomplished, that people I know have accomplished, that the monkeys have accomplished.  There are things that have been done, said and ignored that I could choose to tell you about today.

However, above any of those other things, there is only one thing I can think of that truly makes me beam with pride.  That is the highlight of my life.  Have you guessed what it is?!

Here... I'll show you...

In case you hadn't guessed correctly... it is... and always will be... my monkeys.

They are both so smart.  They are both amazing kids.  They have both been through quite a bit in their little lives and yet, they are still 2 of the strongest people I know.  They love with their whole hearts.  They are good friends.  They make me smile every day.

I could go on for days about these crazy monkeys of mine, but I am pretty sure you get the idea.

What are you most proud of?

Happy Tuesday Monkey Manics!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 20: Something I Wonder "What If" About

I am just going to throw this out there before I completely dive into telling you all of my "what if's"... I do not like to think "what if".  I do not like it for the simple fact that I love my life, even with all of it's ups and downs, I love it.  If I think "what if" about any aspect of it, then I would not have the life I have nor would I be the person that I am today.  And personally, I think I am pretty awesome... so I like where my life has taken me.

Photo found here
Regardless of the statement above, we all do it.  I don't like to do it, but yes, I have found myself in the situation.

I have found myself saying things such as "what if I had gone straight to college after high school?". "What if I had never met my ex husband, who I do not like very much?" "What if I had a ton of money?"

There are a lot of things in life we could attach those little 2 words to.  A LOT!

"What if I hadn't ever learned to ride a bike?"

"What if my parents had raised me differently, not bad, just different?"

"What if I had chosen a different career path?"

"What if I had moved out of state at the age of 20, like I wanted to?"

"What if, what if, what if?"

I could go on for days, as I am sure you all could too, but really, what would be the point in that?!

Life should not be full of regrets.  There are so many lessons to be learned, and I truly think that we are all where we are meant to be.  Regardless of how we got to this point, regardless of whether we are happy with it at this moment or not.

Do you have any "what if's"??

Happy Monday Monkey Manics!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 19: What I Wish For At 11:11

So apparently (and I only found this out after a little research on the good ol' world wide web) you are supposed to make a wish at 11:11, and supposedly if you believe in it enough, it will come true.

Now, today's challenge is for me to tell you what I wish for at 11:11.  Obviously, from the statement above you can tell that I don't wish for anything knowing it is exactly that time.

Photo found here

Let me explain a little more in depth.

I am very sure that I have made wishes at 11:11 before, just not in the sense of saying "hey, look at the time, let's make a wish".

It is more like the fact that at 11:11 pm, I am laying in bed (not knowing the time, but knowing for sure that it is late) and wishing for sleep.  Or for my mind to stop racing.  Or to be able to sleep in the next morning.  Or... well... you get the idea.

I can almost guarantee that I have also made wishes at 11:11 am too.  Once again, not aware of the time.  You know... wishes like... the work day to go quicker.  Or that lunch time would hurry up and get here.  Or for a nap.  Those kind of wishes.

So the question is... now that I know about this whole making a wish at 11:11 thing, am I going to start doing it regularly?!  The answer to this is super easy.  No more than I do now, and I will go one further and say that it will still probably be without even knowing the damn time.  I am so not a clock watcher and I refuse to become so just so that I can make a wish at the proper time.

For all of you that do... no offence.  I'm just saying.

Do you make wishes at 11:11?

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend Monkey Manics!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 18: Something I Miss

Oh boy... another post that really makes me think.  Have I mentioned that I am not a big fan of being a deep thinker?!  I'm really not.  It makes my head hurt... and that is not a joke.

I cannot come up with just one thing that I miss, even without thinking hard about it.  So now this mommy monkey gets to rant it up to all you faithful, amazing friends that we have.

Photo found here

Well, we might as well get started.

* I miss being young and careless.  Not careless in a bad way, just not having a care in the world.  Not having to worry about all this grown up stuff.  Having my biggest worry be what I am gonna do with my friends today.

* I miss my monkeys being babies.  I miss the phase when all they wanted to do was cuddle and love on their mommy.  I miss them being small enough for me to hold.

* I miss my long hair.  Granted it wasn't super long... but I still miss it.  I am really hoping my hair will grow fast.

* I miss being able to eat whatever I wanted and not gaining a pound... without going to the gym.  I am not big, by any means, but I don't want to get that way either.

* I miss clogging.  Yes, clogging.  No, not the toilet.  I used to clog (the dance style) and loved it a lot.  I would love to go back to those days.

* I miss sleeping.  Seriously.  It seems that the older I get, the less sleep I get.  My body, for some reason, thinks that it doesn't need sleep like it used to, and then I get to deal with being super sleepy and groggy all the next day.  Not cool.

* Although this is a semi new realization for me, I miss having a man in my life.  A hand to hold.  A hug or two.  Sweet, meaningful kisses.  Cuddling.  All that yummy, mushy couple stuff.

* I miss some of my dear friends that I don't see as often as I would like.  I really should try to make more time for them.  They are all amazing.

I think that will do it for today.  I really could go on and on about all the things I miss.  All the people I miss.  All the fun I used to have that I miss.  Well... you get the point.  Unfortunately, thinking about things we miss can sometimes make us frown... but I don't want to do that, so we will end it here.

What is something you miss?

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 17: Put My Ipod on Shuffle, First 10 Songs

Can I just say that I love, love, LOVE music?!  It really does keep me going on days where I may not be able to otherwise.  Music has always played a huge role in my life.  Always!

Can I also just say that I do not have an Ipod... that belongs to Sister Monkey.  I do have an MP3 player... that the monkeys use.  I actually listen to all of my music on my phone... and no, it is not an Iphone.

Photo found here

For today's challenge, I was going to try to attach a link to every song as I list it... but let's be real, I am too lazy, and there's probably not many people that would click each one anyway.

Please bear in mind, that I listen to a very wide array of music, I do not stick to just one genre.  If I hear a song I like, I will listen to it.  Please also bear in mind, my kids have downloaded some songs to my phone, I will let you know if one of these pops up in our list here.

Without anymore explanation... here we go:

* For The Gold by Royal Bliss

* Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse

* Miracle by Shinedown (who is by far my favorite band at the moment)

* Little Miss by Sugarland (I am pretty sure this song was written about me and bestie monkey)

* Only Girl by Rhianna

* Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf (brother monkeys all time favorite song)

* I'll Follow You by Shinedown

* Same Old Thing by The Black Keys

* Follow Me by Uncle Kracker

* Animals by Nickelback (my all time favorite band)

There you have it... the first 10 songs to pop up on my shuffle.  Love them all.

What is your favorite song or band?

Happy Hump Day Monkey Manics!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 16: 7 Things That Cross My Mind A Lot

Oh boy... another Monday gone, no post.  I apologize.  It all boils down to the manic life I am living right now which will be explained after the 30 day challenge.

Day 16.  This is not easy as I have so very many things that cross my mind on a regular basis, and depending on my mood or what is going on with my life at the time, the top 7 things can vary.  So... we will try to figure out the all time top 7... how about that?!

Photo found here

Off we go...

1 - I love my monkeys more than life itself.  They are my everything.  They are crazy, fun and sometimes lil shits, but that is totally okay with me.  My favorite way to say it is "I gave them life, they give me a reason to live".

2 - I love my family and friends.  It is because of their support and love that my kids and I have a lot of the fun that we have.  They too... are my everything.

3 - I watch kids, and I think that it would be fabulous if we, as adults, could be so easy going, and learn to not let things get to us the way we do.  This is something that I have decided I will master... one of these days.

4 - I do not like my ex.  Let me clarify... I (as in ME, you know MYSELF) do NOT like my ex.  My monkeys love their daddy, and I couldn't be more grateful for that.  But I... do NOT like him.  (I'm sure there will be a future post on this with more details)

5 - A good book and a bubble bath.  Yes, this thought crosses my mind every day.  I always have the good book part taken care of, just not so much the bubble bath part.

6 - Beer.  Another thought that crosses my mind quite often.  I could always go for a cold one...... ALWAYS!!!

7 - Work.  I'm pretty sure it is overrated, but there's not much I can do about it... until I find me a rich, sexy man, that is.  ;)

There you have it.  7 things that cross my mind a lot.  Probably wasn't as exciting as it could have been, but what can I say... my thoughts are pretty boring most of the time.

What is something that crosses your mind a lot?

Happy Tuesday Monkey Manics!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 15: Death Row Meal

Day 15 Monkey Manics!  Today I am supposed to decide what it is that I would choose if I had to pick my "death row meal".  This is not an easy one for me.  I really like love food.  So, I have decided to make this a picture post.  I will post pictures of all my favorites and you guys can tell me which you think I should choose... if (god forbid) I ever had to make this decision.

Here we go...

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Yes, I could eat a whole meal of these... Try me!  Ha!

There it is... I suppose if I had to choose one last meal... it would be one of these.

Which one do you think I should pick?  What would your "death row meal" be?

Happy Friday Monkey Manics, have a safe and amazing weekend!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 14: A Picture Of Myself Last Year and How I Have Changed

Yay... tomorrow we will have made it halfway through our challenge.  Are you guys as excited as I am.  I will be honest in saying that there have been times during this challenge that I really wanted to post something else... so once we're done here, there may be a lot of interesting, thought provoking and fun posts popping up around these parts.

Today is Day 14.  I am going to show you a picture of myself from last year and attempt to tell you how I have changed since then.  This could get interesting...  Gah!

This is me on a camping trip with some good friends last summer.  Trying to think of how I have changed in the last year isn't really easy.  But I think I have come up with some things.  So here it is...

* My hair is no longer that long.  It is just above my shoulders now, but I will admit... I miss the length.

* I am no longer in a relationship this year.  While it was hard at first, I am okay with it now.

* I have learned that attitude really is everything.  I knew this before, but didn't apply it as well as I should have.  Now that I do, I am very aware of how it changes my life.

* I am reading a lot more it seems.  I have always been a big reader, but I am going through books like you wouldn't believe these days.

* I am a year older.  Ha!

* I have varied in weight by plus/minus 5 lbs, but I still look the same (for the most part) as I did in this picture.

* I have not been camping like this... this year.  Sad... only one trip so far.

* I am hanging out with my bestie more, since as of this year she now lives closer.

* I have learned that how I deal with my kids has to sometimes change as rapidly as they're growing.  This is a tough one for me.

* I am freaking out over the fact that sister monkey is going into junior high, and is no longer an elementary student.

* I have experienced some things that have taught me that no matter what happens in life, we can always choose to allow it to bring us down or build us up.  Regardless of our circustances... we can still do anything we want to do if we really want it.  (More on this after the challenge)

* I am realizing that I do not want to work for "the man"... I want to be "the man".  Ha.

There it is.  This is all I can come up with.  I am sure there is more... like more wrinkles, maybe a few gray hairs... stuff like that.  But really, who wants to hear about that stuff.  Hee hee.

What is the biggest change you've noticed in yourself over the past year?

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 13: The TV Show I Have Become Addicted To

Happy Hump Day!!

We have reached Day 13 of our challenge.  I am going to let you in on the TV show I love the most.

For the record, I am not a TV or movie watcher.  Yes, I will watch a show or a movie with the kids, but I would much rather be doing other things.  I have never been a sit down and watch kind of girl.

My bestie actually got me hooked on a show, however.  This show is one that I could sit and watch marathons of (and I actually have).  I love it to pieces.  I have seen every episode, and will watch them again, and again, and again.

The monkeys?!  Not a big fan of my show, but I still watch it.  Heehee.

What is this amazing show, you ask?!

Here is a little snippet for you...

Yes, my friends, it is... Friends.  I seriously can't get enough of these 6 crazy, funny peeps.

That's it for me.  What is your favorite TV show?

Have a great day Monkey Manics!