Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 23: Movies I Quote The Most

Well, today's challenge is really a very easy one for me.  Especially as there is really only one movie that I quote quite consistently.

I do like to quote things that I see or hear.  My 2 favorite comedians... why yes... I can be heard quoting bits and pieces from them all the time.  But when it comes to movies, I can only think of one...

Photo found here

Yes, this is my all time favorite Christmas movie, but it is also one that I can watch year round.  I love, love, LOVE this movie.

Bestie monkey and I like to post quotes from this movie on each others FB pages.  We are both Elf addicts. We quote it all winter long, and sometimes in the summer.

All I can say is... when you find a movie this awesome, you must quote it often.

What movie do you quote the most?

Happy Thursday Monkey Manics!

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  1. We may be twins, you an I. Lost at birth perhaps, how strange! I heart this movie as well, one of my favs and secretly I crush on him from time to time, but I didn't say that!