Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Facebook Funnies

I am so happy that today is Friday.  Words cannot express the joy I am feeling.  I have some amazing Monkeys, some super awesome friends and family, and, of course, I have all of you.

One of the most popular posts on my old blog was our Friday Facebook Funnies post.  This will not be done every Friday, but we'll sneak it in when we can.

The rules of this post are pretty simple.  I will list things that I have found on Facebook recently, that I think may strike someone's fancy.  All sources will remain anonymous.  I have not altered the posts in any way.  My comments will be in dark purple.  My opinions are mine, and mine alone.

Off we go...

- Women should not have children after 25. Really... 25 children are enough!!!!!  - AGREED

- Out driving around and a wreck happens right in front of me... Now the police want to interview me... Strange, I didn't even apply for a job there.

- Sure, you women *say* you don't need men anymore. But just wait until we start packaging tampons in tightly sealed jars.  - For the record, I never said we don't need men... Just sayin'

- When I pay for something at IKEA I write a check and tear it into 50 pieces. Then I hand it to the cashier and say "You gonna have to put that crap together yourself"  - Bahahahahaha... That is all

- I can't breathe without you...
Seriously, you took my sleep apnea machine when you left.

- why does life suck and i can't get nothing i want
:'( sucks for me (having a bad night)  - Hmmm... Maybe cause of your attitude, just a thought

- Work is so boaring  - What?!

Now for some pics that we Monkeys have found on good ol' FB

Love them all.  The top one, yeah... that actually happened to me...... I wish.  Ha.

Have you found anything on FB lately worth sharing?  If so... please share in the comments below.

Happy Friday Monkey Manics.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


  1. This comes from my favorite facebook know the one.
    "I don't think my love handles are coming in evenly."

    Love this guy!

  2. All all hilarious, but I love the Ikea one. It might be something my hubby will do in the future- write a check, tear it up, tell Ikea to put it together lol. He gets so frustrated putting stuff together, I usually have to do it.

  3. MM, when you say the top one happened to you, do you mean you have 25 kids? Just wondering.

    I liked this one on FB this week: If a girl sleeps with 20 guys she's a hoe, but if a guy does it... he's gay. Definitely gay.

    It's just sooo true :)

    1. Haha... The top picture, you silly, silly man, you!

      I like yours too, that is very true, but also hilarious.