Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings

It is Monday once again, and of course, that means another round of Monday Musings.

I am going to say that I have big plans for this upcoming weekend, and am having a hard time focusing on anything but my excitement.  What are my plans, you ask?!  Stay tuned this week, and you will find out.

I have to admit this Monday is a little worse than most... but only because it's happening right now, and because I am still working on my first cup of coffee.

Oh well... so be it.  This post isn't going to write itself, so here we go...

- For those of you that were here last week, I would like to report how popular I have become with the female porn stars on Twitter.  I now have 7 of them following me... BAM!  I feel... awkward.

- Why do people go ape shit crazy when they have a break up with a significant other?!  Why do they assume they know things that they really know nothing about?!  Why can't we all be adults and move the fuck on?!  Just saying.......

- I'm ready for a vacation.  Nothing specific in mind, because anything will do.  Who's with me?!

- It's crazy how I can be the best mommy in the whole world, and 10 seconds later, without doing anything, I am suddenly the worst mommy in the whole world.  I wish I knew how this worked.

- Sometimes I wish I could just numb myself from emotion... even if just for a little while.  Lessons to be learned from it, I guess.

- Is there anything better in this world than hearing your children (or monkeys, in my case) tell you they love you?!  I think not...

- Still suffering from some insomnia, but it is getting better... Thank god for that.

- My ankle had finally stopped hurting, I was all sorts of excited, and then guess what happened last night?!?!  Ugh... hoping it goes away again soon.

That's it for this week.  I am hoping that all of you Monkey Manics have a fabulous day, and week ahead.

What is your Monday Musing for this week?!  Please share in the comments love notes section.


  1. If you ever figure out the love you then hate you 10 seconds later, please fill me in. I'm still battling this daily with my 13 year old!

    Maybe those porn stars this you are hot? By next week you might double your porn star following ;)

  2. 7 porn stars?
    That is awkward....