Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Musings

Well kids, it's Monday again, and I am not sure that I am too happy about it.  I miss the weekend already, but it is what it is, I suppose.

With it being Monday, that means it's time for you all to jump into my head again for another round of Monday Musings.

Remember, these are my thoughts and mine alone.  So... don't go stealing them or anything, or I may have to hunt you down...

Here we go...

- Do you ever feel like crying and you're not sure whether it's a happy cry or a sad one?  This happened to me quite a bit last week.  I think I am finally over it now though... THANK GOODNESS!

- I think sleep is overrated... I'm not sure.  I do know that I would like to find out though.  This insomnia, or whatever it is, is killing me.

- I have had 2 people follow me on Twitter now that I believe are porn stars... or something close.  Is it bad of me if I don't follow back?!?!

- I am so glad the women's restrooms have stalls.  After hearing stories about men's rooms, I become more grateful for those little partial walls every day.

- My dad is the best.  I am so glad I was able to spend the day with him yesterday.  Just hanging out with him is AWESOME!

- I got to go on my first Harley ride in what seems like FOREVER on Friday.  It was amazing.  Super fun, and I got to see the sunset.  Super nice!

- Saw a few high school friends this weekend that I haven't seen since... high school.  It was so much fun and we had a blast catching up.

- I'm not sure exactly what goes on at the ex's house sometimes, but my monkeys sure can come home with major attitudes sometimes.  Time for a little chat with the ex?!  Ugh!

- I love my bestie.  She is amazing.  That is all.

Happy Monday all you Monkey Manics.  I am out for the rest of the day.  See you on the flip side.


  1. Porn Stars...Twitter...just what is this world coming to...and by association I am sort of involved too!?!? :)

    Sleep at night is overrated...daytime naps are not! Siesta were a gift from the Gods.

    Two besties...two amazing women...only ONE Monkey Mom!!!

    1. You are too funny. Thanks for the comment. :)

  2. Well, at least are they male porn stars and how good looking are they? lol. I about peed my pants when Flava Flav (or however it's spelled) started following me on Twitter. My husband had a good laugh over that one!

    Glad you had a lovely day with your dad on Father's Day :)

    1. Unfortunately, no... they are females. I'm sure to a man they are probably nice looking. I am just not sure I want to know what they post.

      Thanks so much. I hope all the father's in your life had an amazing day as well. :)