Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 8: Turn On's and Turn Off's

Hello Monkey Manics.  I hope you are all well this fine Tuesday.  I am sitting at work, wishing I weren't.  As I mentioned yesterday, today is a state holiday here, and I kinda wish that my company would recognize it.  I guess when your headquarters is halfway across the world, they don't worry too much about it though.

Today is day 8.  Today you will dig a little deeper into this mommy monkey and find out what it is that gets me excited or makes me back away.  Hmmm... not sure how I feel about this post.  Oh well... here we go.

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We will start with the turn off's, because as you all should know by now, I like to start with the bad.  

* A bad attitude.  I cannot stand negativity and people that I like to call "downers".  No, thank you!
* Someone smaller than myself.  I like to feel dainty in a relationship.  I like to be able to curl up into my man.
* Over-exaggerated egos.  I cannot stand a man that only wants to talk about himself... especially when he goes off about how amazing he really is isn't.
* No manners.  If you are going to take me out... hell, even if I am going to take you out... open the door for me, chew with your mouth closed, don't talk with food in your mouth, and for god's sake... please use a napkin when necessary.  I do NOT want to see you wipe your face on your sleeve.
* Being over bearing.  As in, do not kiss me if I just met you.  Do not ask for sex on a first date (in fact, don't ask for it at all, if it's meant to happen down the road, it'll happen... down the road).  Do not call me your girl, unless we have both established that I am.  Do not smother me.
* Possessiveness. You do not own me.  I am not some prize you have won.  If you treat me as such, you will never see me again.
*Dirty.  If you can't take a shower and put on something semi-decent to go out with me, then just stay home... by yourself.  It's called respect.

There are more, but I think that pretty much gets the point across. 

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Now for the turn on's.

* Genuine smile.  I love when a man smiles at me and I can tell that it is genuine.  He is truly happy to see/be with me.
* Truly interested in getting to know me.  There is nothing better than hanging out with someone that truly is interested in getting to know you, and... might I add... this goes both ways.
* Tall.  I seem to be drawn to tall men.  I have dated shorter men, but I always end up more attracted to the tall ones.  Don't ask... even I can't explain it.  Maybe it has to do with the second turn off I listed above.
* Clean and smelling yummy.  People ask me what my favorite smell is, and I always answer the same... "a freshly showered man".  There is just something about it that makes my heart skip a beat.  Also, when a man wears the perfect cologne.  Oh my...
* Cuddling and hugs.  Not on a first date, mind you.  But I am a huge cuddler, and love hugs.  Yes, please!
* Beautiful eyes.  A man's eyes can totally drag you in.  Make you not want to leave.  I love when a handsome man has these amazing eyes.

Once again, I could go on.  But, I believe that is enough for today.  

In the comments, please share one of your turn off's and one turn on.

See you tomorrow Monkey Manics!


  1. Turn Off: Poor Hygiene
    Turn On: Long Hair

    (For more... see my post tomorrow... since we are a day apart!)


  2. Offs: People who are just full of crap
    Ons: Fun, talkative people!