Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Musings

It is Monday.  I don't want it to be Monday.  Father Time and I had a little falling out last night, and it would seem he has won, once again.  The bright side to this is that Friday will soon show it's pretty face... so I won't complain too much... for now.

You all know that Monday means it is time for another round of Monday Musings.  The post where my random thoughts make it into cyber world.  This time may be a bit of a rough go-around, however.

Have you ever felt like your brain is so over loaded that it could explode at any moment?  That is how I have felt for the past week.  Yet, at the same time, it is empty.  I can truly think of nothing.  I do not understand this, but alas, it is the way it is.

I will attempt to put some thoughts down for you all regardless of the empty, yet too full, brain problem I am experiencing.  So, off we go...

- You can see in the picture above that there really are times when the monkeys get along and love each other, and no... they were not just doing it to pose for the picture.  I often wonder why it can't be like that all the time.  I constantly remind my monkeys that they really do need to learn to get along seeing as the only people they have for the rest of their lives is... each other.  However, half the time I feel like my words are falling on deaf ears.  Maybe it's the ages they are at?!  Maybe it's something else?!  Who knows, but I hate to see them fighting.

- I have been taking the monkeys on walks with me every evening when it starts to cool down.  They are loving it.  Sister walks with me, and Brother rides his roller blades.  Our walks last roughly an hour, and it is great to have that time for just the 3 of us, enjoying the weather.  Not to mention, Brothers legs are getting very strong.

- Being a working mom is not for me, I've decided.  So... the search begins for a wealthy man to take care of us.  Haha, not really.  I truly think I would get bored being at home all day while the monkeys were at school.  It just kills me that they are not in school right now, but I am still away from them all day.

- All of our friends are camping... I miss camping, I want to be with them right now.  That is all.

- Bestie Monkey celebrates her day of birth this week.  I always get her the same present.  Chocolate covered cinnamon bears.  Why?  Because it is a treat she doesn't have to share with me (I do not like cinnamon).  This year, however, I think I will get her some peanut M&M's.... why?!  Because I want some... take that Kris... ;)

- I want another weekend.  Once again, that is all.

That is it from me.  Do any of you have any random thoughts you'd like to share?

Happy Monday Monkey Manics!

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  1. Random Thought:

    I hate the Monday's after a holiday week.
    We had the 4th off... but then worked Thursday and Friday... The weekend felt.. shorter...

    It's like the world speeds up a little... to make up for the holiday.